can i give my dog aleve for fever

Can I Give My Dog Aleve?

If you have a doggie friend in your home, knowing about the danger of self medication is very important for the sake of your pet. Over the counter medicines like Aleve which is used to relieve fever and pain especially in the case of headaches, menstrual cramps and mild arthritis in humans should never be assumed to be suitable for dogs. Not only are medications like Aleve unsuitable for your pet, it can lead to very serious consequences in dogs as they can be life threatening for them.

Never Ever Give Aleve To Your Dog for Any Pain

Let’s cut to the chase and spell it out straight and clear. Aleve should never be given to dogs. So whether you have assumed otherwise and given your dog this medication or your pet has accidentally consumed some Aleve tablets just take him to the vet right away.

Now that we have made it very clear that Aleve should never be given to dogs let’s talk about this medicine and its disastrous effects on dogs in further detail.

Toxicity of Aleve on Dogs

Aleve is highly toxic to dogs. Being a very common household medication a lot of pet owners mistakenly give their dogs Aleve especially if they are suffering from painful symptoms like ear, tooth and stomach ache as well as arthritis. Just visit any pet related forum on the effects of Aleve on dogs. You will find firsthand accounts by pet owners who have wrongly given Aleve to their dog leading to very serious consequences and even death in some unfortunate cases.

So why is Aleve so toxic for dogs? Marketed under the brand name of Midol as well, Aleve damages the inner lining of the stomach in dogs along with their liver and kidneys. And it is harmful and lethal to pets even in very small doses.

Symptoms of Poisoning From Aleve

If you have wrongly assumed about Aleve and its suitability for dogs and given your pet a tablet or even less you need to rush them to the vet as soon as possible. In case you suspect that your dog might have accidently got hold of a bottle of Aleve and consumed some look out for symptoms of vomiting, dark or bloody stool, weakness, lethargy an even swelling around the jaw area or twitching in limbs.

Any of the above mentioned symptoms warrants an immediate visit to the vet who will first try to flush out the medicine by inducing vomiting in your dog.

Natural Alternatives to Pain Killers

Most dogs suffer from a range of health conditions especially joint issues like arthritis as well as inflammation in their later years. Investing in a well balanced and nutritious diet for your pet will go a long way in ensuring good bone health for your dog. Instead of opting for medications which have an adverse effect on pets in some way or another, it is always better to offer your dog foods which will strengthen his overall health and immunity. Ensuring that your dog gets a healthy dose of daily exercise is also crucial in maintaining their joints healthy and pain free. Finally if your dog is suffering from any kind of pain or other discomfort always seek treatment from the vet for the well being of your dog.

To sum it all up, Aleve should be never given to dogs as it is highly toxic for them. Whether you have given your pet some Aleve or they have accidently ingested some just rush them to the vet right away. And if you are a dog owner never resort to giving your pet any medicine without the prior approval of your vet as household medicines can be life threatening to them!

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