Can a dog die from eating zolpidem (Ambien)?

what happens if my dog ate an ambien

Can I give my dog zolpidem?

If your dog is suffering from the sleeping disorder and you want to give your dog zolpidem, then please wait and don’t provide such a strong drug to your pet.

Please understand one thing that the sleeping pattern of the humans and dogs are different. Even if you notice any sleeping disorder in your dog then kindly note down the problems but never give them zolpidem.

Can I offer zolpidem to my dog?

No, it’s a strict no to offer zolpidem to your dog. It is not a good idea to provide this drug as it a very powerful sleeping aid for a dog. Zolpidem is never formulated to be given to any animals as there are numerous side effects which your dog will suffer after consuming zolpidem. Some of the negative aspects of this drug are hyperactivity and agitation. If you want to offer any sleeping medicine, then you can try quality canine formulated melatonin supplement or any other medicine which is advised by the vet.

Unfortunately, if your dog has consumed zolpidem then immediately take your pet to the vet.

What are sleeping patterns of my dog?

There is no fixed time when your dog sleeps. Your pet mostly works on the instincts as they sleep when they are tired or want to sleep. At the night time when the ambiance is quiet, your canine finds a cozy place to take rest. If you notice that your dog doesn’t sleep for 8 hours at a stretch, then please don’t panic and do not offer them zolpidem, rather consult a vet. It might happen that your dog is suffering from some other sleeping problems.

When should I consult a vet?

If you notice that your dog is inactive, the reason may be that your dog is not getting proper sleep. There may be other grounds for these sleeping problems as well, never offer your dog zolpidem or any other sleeping aid without getting your pet diagnosed by a pet.

If you doubt that your dog is not sleeping properly for some days and this sleeping disorder is also affecting your pet’s waking hours then immediately take your dog to the vet so that proper treatment can be started after thorough examination.

What are the other problems of sleeping disorder in my dog?

Your dog might be suffering from depression because of the changed environment or some other reasons, which may result in sleeping disorder in your dog.  Another reason for sleeping issues can be that your dog’s diet is not providing the adequate amount of vitamins and nourishment which is required by our dog.

So please never give zolpidem to your dog because it may happen that the reason for the sleeping disorder is different and you are providing medicines for the disease which your dog does not have.

Can I give zolpidem to my dog while I am traveling?

No, strictly avoid giving zolpidem to your dog in any condition, while you are traveling as it will only have adverse effects on your dog’s health.

It is very dangerous for your dog, and it’s a bad habit to have zolpidem, which should never be integrated into your dog’s routine.  If you want your pet to stay calm and do not disturb you while you travel then try certain healthy ways rather offering this harmful drug to your lovely pet.

Is it safe to offer zolpidem to my dog? Will ambien hurt my dog?

No, there are numerous risks when you provide zolpidem to your dog. Never try to feed your dog this dangerous drug to cure the sleeping problems in your dog. Your dog might not be having any major problems regarding their sleep, as the sleeping problem is rarely found in the canines. Consult a vet whenever you feel you need their help. Always keep zolpidem away from your dog’s reach.

What happens if my dog ate zoloft?


  1. My large 110 lb great dane/lab got a hold of one 10mg. zopidem and ate it before I could get it from her. Do I need to call my vet. She seems fine but I don’t want anything to hurt her.

    • My great dane/lab, 110 lbs got a hold of one 10 mg. Zopidem. Do I need to contact my vet? She seems okay but I don’t want to risk her being hurt by it.

    • Are you kidding us? Your first action is to ask an unmonitored message board whether or not to seek medical attention for your fur baby?

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