Can a dog eat cinnamon applesauce?

my dog ate applesauce.

Can dogs eat applesauce?

Yes, the dog can eat applesauce but only in moderations. So just avoid feeding your dog applesauce very often.

Applesauce incorporates the high amount of sugar, and some dogs are vulnerable to diabetes. For these dogs, applesauce is not a healthy diet at all. Your dog will be benefited by consuming small amounts of applesauce in intervals.

Is unsweetened applesauce good for dogs?

Yes, there is no harm if dogs eat applesauce as it is made up of apple which is a very healthy and nutritious fruit. Most dogs love to eat applesauce because it is sweet. There are some advantages of feeding applesauce to your furry pet, i.e., it contains vitamins C and K, calcium and fiber which are very beneficial for your dog’s physical growth.

While your dog is consuming applesauce makes sure that the applesauce does not contain any leaves, stems or seeds of apple as these parts contain cyanide which is toxic to dogs.

Can puppies eat homemade Applesauce
Can puppies eat homemade Applesauce?

What are the precautions which should be taken while feeding applesauce to my dog?

The following are certain precautions which should be taken by you while feeding applesauce to your dog:-

Some applesauce which is available in the market contains pesticides, preservatives or may be colored. These are unhealthy for your dog to be fed. If you are keen to offer applesauce to your dog, then serve them organic and sugar-free applesauce. These are better than the local applesauce.

Organic and sugar-free applesauce is healthy for dogs but please don’t feed applesauce too often to your dog as it can lead to diarrhea. If you feed your canine applesauce only in small amounts, then there will be no health problems to your dog.

Be very firm with the fact that only 5% of your dog’s diet should contain applesauce and it should never be a part of your dog’s daily meal.

Puppies are more sensitive than dogs so strictly avoid feeding applesauce to these puppies. A young puppy may suffer from acute dehydration if they are suffering from diarrhea after consuming applesauce.

Which is the applesauce based dog food products available in the market?

There are very few applesauce based dog food products which are available in the market. Some of the recommended ones from the existing list of dog foods are Applesauce Dry Dog Food and Four-Star Nutritional Pork. The dog food which comprises of pork and applesauce is not only healthy for humans, but it has beneficial ingredients which are very safe for dogs.

How should I feed applesauce to my dog?

You can feed applesauce to your dog in many ways.

  1. Dogs should be fed applesauce as a treat. Remember not to offer your pet more than a teaspoon of applesauce either by putting a small amount in your dog’s bowl or let your canine lick some of the applesauce from the tip of your finger.
  2. Never feed your dog applesauce directly from the spoon, because it may be unhygienic if the spoon was not cleaned properly or your dog might swallow the whole spoon while gulping down the applesauce.
  3. The best way to feed applesauce to your pet is to freeze the applesauce in the form of ice cubes. Your dog will love this tasty treat, mostly on a hot day.

How to prepare applesauce at home?

Making applesauce for your lovely dog at home is very easy.

You will need few apples and around 35 minutes to make it.

Follow the steps to prepare it quickly at home;-

Step 1: Peel off some organic apples completely.

Step 2: Boil them in a big bowl for about 15-20 minutes.

Step 3: Strain and then mash these stewed apples.

Step 4: Let the mashed apples to cool at the room temperature.

Step 5: Once the mixture is cooled, then this applesauce can be directly fed to your canine, or you can put this mixture in the ice tray to treat your dog this delicious dish in the form of ice cubes.

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