Can dogs eat dry sausage such as cabanossi?

Can dogs eat raw Cabanossi
Can dogs eat raw Cabanossi

Is dried beef and pork sausage (cabanossi or kabanos) good for dogs?

Basically, this question can be answered by yes and no. Yes, because some people use it as treats to their dogs. Normally, human foods are edible to dogs. We often think that since we can eat such food so it is also good to our pets. However, little did we know that some of these foods contain toxic substances that are harmful to dogs which might lead to their death. Thus, despite being edible, you should know that cabanossi contains fats and other sulphite preservatives which are without doubt, dangerous if not taken moderately.

What is cabanossi and its types?

Cabanossi, also known as Kabanos or Kabana, is a thin, dry, and long sausage that originated from Poland. It has been originally made from pork but in modern times, different versions have been made such as beef, chicken, and turkey.

There are two types of cabanossi, the softer and the harder type. The most common type is the softer kabana which is smoked much less just to get the taste. On the other hand, the harder type is smoked in a long time so it appears to be much drier than the common ones. However, because it went through a long smoking process, harder cabanossi would last for a longer time as it does not quickly spoil compared to other meats.

What is cabanossi made of?

Kabanos is generally made from meat but nowadays, it has been made alongside with different spices and flavors. It originally came from pork meat lightly seasoned and smoked but other variations now include beef, chicken, duck, and turkey.

Why should a dog not eat cabanossi?

Cabanossi has been used as dog treats by some trainers and owners. But because of the preservatives and seasonings that can be found in kabanos, it is best to not let your dogs have a large consumption of this treat. Too much in everything is bad, same goes to kabana intake. Since it contains saturated fat, excessive consumption might result to having an obese dog which of course, is never healthy. Some even suffer from nausea and diarrhea especially that most dogs have sensitive tummy. Therefore, it is advisable to monitor the ingestion of cabanossi so that your dogs won’t experience any sickness as it should only be taken moderately.

What substances does cabanossi have which are harmful to dogs?

Although cabanossi is mainly produced from meat, spices and preservatives are still present which clearly offers dangerous effects to dogs. Processed foods often hold a high content of sodium which can increase the risk of heart disease and other serious illnesses as it will raise the cholesterol level in your blood. Same thing might happen to dogs. Too much sodium intake may lead to chronic diseases. Cabanossi also has Sulphur Dioxide.  Take note that just a 400mg of Sulphur Dioxide per kilogram of meat can destroy half the thiamine or vitamin B1 in a food which could be fatal. Nonetheless, a small amount of this is okay.

Should I serve cabanossi as a treat to my dog?

Most professionals give cabanossi as treats to dogs. Since it is purely made from meat and dogs are known to be omnivores, they definitely would love it. Yet you must be aware of the risks your dogs might take once they consume kabanos. You should know that this treat is to be given only by chunks in order to avoid health complications. People usually eat cabanossi with cheese which should also be avoided when feeding to dogs as some of them suffer from lactose intolerance. Just like any other sausages, cabanossi contains sulphite preservatives that causes vitamin B1 (thiamine) deficiency. It could be fatal hence it is best to keep the consumption low and moderate.

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