Can dogs eat flour tortillas?

Yes, dogs can eat tortilla. Tortilla is a vegetarian thin flat pan cake made mostly from corn or wheat flour and is eaten with or without filling. Tortillas are rich in fiber when the flour used in its preparation is unrefined. Otherwise it is rich in minerals and vitamins. The salt and oil content in processed tortillas are harmful for your dogs.

How much tortillas can be given to a dog in a single meal?

Only one or two tortilla is enough to serve to your dog only when you are too keen to give a tortilla to your dog. Though tortilla is a delicious treat but it may cause digestive issues in dogs if given in larger quantities.

Can dogs eat tortilla chips?

Yes, dogs can eat tortilla chips but that is not a healthy option for them as it is a fried item. You may give tortilla chips to dogs but in very small quantity. Only one or two chips is enough to serve to your dear pet for the tasty treat purpose.

Why can’t I give tortilla to my dog on a regular basis?

Tortillas can make your dog gain weight as it contains fat. Also tortilla are made from grains like corn and wheat flour which is not a staple diet of dogs. Dogs are unable to digest grains like we do. If you give tortilla to your dog on a regular basis, your hound will develop a habit of eating it and may even snatch the packet from your hand when hungry. Thus, human food should be avoided to be given to your dog so that your pet does not look towards your dinner table or meals for delicious treats.

What are nutritional benefits of tortilla for my dog?

Tortilla being made from wheat and corn flour contains all the properties and benefits of wheat and corn like vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. It is also rich in fiber when it is not sieved before using it.

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Is overeating of tortilla bad for my dog?

Obviously overeating of anything is bad for pets and human alike. But tortillas should not be given in too much quantity to your dog as the salt content in that will increase the salt intake of your dear furry friend which is harmful and toxic. If you are giving a market bought tortilla to your pet, it is a processed food and every kind of processed food is harmful for pets. Pets should only be served natural food without any salt, oil and preservatives. Whenever you serve tortilla to your dog keep a watch on the health of your pup, in case it shows any allergic reactions immediately rush to your vet.

What are the Symptoms or reactions expected if my dogs has eaten too many tortillas?

If your dog has eaten a large quantity of tortillas by your ignorance it may show symptoms like lethargy or constipation. The dog may even vomit the undigested food eaten by it. Try to keep calm in this situation and call your vet and explain the situation.

Where can I get tortilla from?

There are readymade tortillas available in the nearby stores. Also you may make it at home by getting the corn or wheat flour from supermarkets and make a dough using a little salt, water and thereafter bake it. Homemade tortillas are better to serve to your dog rather than the processed ones available in the market because at home you can control the amount of salt and oil in it.

Thus, your dog can eat tortillas and tortilla chips but only in moderate quantity. Due to salt and oil content it should be given only occasionally like once or twice a week. Tortilla being a grain flour preparation is not easily digestible by dogs. So you may treat your dog with your favorite tortilla but with a little restrain on the quantity served. Enjoy the meals and time with dear canine friend!

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