Can dogs eat french fries with or without salt?

Can french fries kill a dog
Can french fries kill a dog

What happens if my dog eats French fries?

No, dogs cannot eat French fries. Digestive system of dogs are different from humans, they cannot digest this amount of oil and salt levels. French fries are unhealthy for dogs and can upset the stomach if consumed in large quantity. If by chance your dog has consumed 2-3 French fries it should be fine! In case consumed more, notice for any symptoms and take it to see a doctor immediately. According to research, dogs who consume French fries have low life expectancy and can become more vulnerable to catch diseases as compared to a healthy dog.

What are French fries?

French fries or simply known as fries, chips or finger chips are the side dish / starters / snacks which are enjoyed by millions of people all over the globe. French fries is said to be invented by a number of street vendors under a well-known bridge in Paris in 1989. French fries are made using sweet potatoes and commonly served as salted but serving style may vary from place to place for example, with ketchup/ vinegar/ mayonnaise or any other specialties.

Are McDonald's french fries bad for dogs
Are McDonald’s french fries bad for dogs?

Why can’t a dog eat French fries?

While noticing the toxic contents, French fries do not contain any ingredient which could result in toxicity for dogs, but they are not healthy either. Main ingredient in French fries is sweet potatoes/ potatoes which are not toxic for dogs to eat, but it holds high amount of carbohydrates and fats which cannot be easily digested by dogs and consuming this amount of fats and carbohydrates all together might cause stomach pain in some dogs.

As a dog parent you should pay extra attention if your dog is allergic to potatoes as it can make him/ her really sick and can cause diarrhea, vomiting by eating 1-2 fries.

What makes French Fries unhealthy for dogs?

Consumption of too much of fats on regular basis is not only harmful in short run, but also in long run as it can result in overweight, obese and even diabetes in some dogs.

French fries contains oil as they are deeply fried in the process of making. Fish oil can be good for dogs, but most of the fries are prepared using vegetable oil which adds more carbohydrates to the fries and can be very detrimental for dogs.

Another most commonly used ingredient in serving fries is salt. The amount of salt used in French fries is quite high, which is enough to make your dog sick. Only a few fries will make it to suffer from salt poisoning, depending upon the age and size of your dog. If not poisoning, it will cause dehydration and excessive thirst in short run and a long term consumption of French fries will cause kidney problems.

What should you do if your dog eats French fries?

Consumption of a few French fries might not affect the health of your dog, but if they are sensitive for potatoes then they may experience a lot of problems. As a good caretaker you should keep an eye on your dog and notice for some symptoms, if there are any, take him to see a veterinarian.

If your dog has consumed large amount of fries then you should consult a veterinarian immediately as he may suffer from bloat (life threatening condition for some dogs, in which the dog will feel like vomiting but he will not be able to) as the oil and salt levels can twist the stomach of your dog and fill it with gas.

Therefore, eating French fries will negatively impact the health of your dog not only in short run, but also in long run if consumed on regular basis. For some potato sensitive dogs, eating French fries is a big NO.

As a dog parent you have to make sure that your dogs eat healthy as a healthy diet will increase life expectancy. In case your dog consumed French fries by accident, consult a veterinarian immediately.

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