Can dogs eat jicama?

Is jicama poisonous to dogs

Can Chihuahuas eat jicama?

Yes, dogs can eat jicama but, the only edible part is the root. The other parts of the plant are said to be toxic to dogs and can cause various health issues. Jicama is edible in any form whether it is cooked or uncooked. It consists of health benefits and is not sensitive to any dog breed.

What is jicama?

Jicama is from Pachyrhizus erosus species from the Plantae kingdom. The plan has a root, flowers, stem, yam been, leaves. Only the root part of this plant is edible to dogs, after removing the seeds and its skin. It is said that jicama was initially found by Spanish people and introduced in Asia by them in 3000 B.C. This root is high in dietary fiber and carbohydrates. The water level is 85-90% in jicama and it is sweet in flavor.

Jicama can be stored dry, but dog owners should avoid giving stored food to their dogs as it can be harmful to them.

What are the benefits of serving jicama to dogs?

Those dogs who are struggling with digestive issues can be helped by eating jicama. Jicama contains a good amount of fiber, vitamin C, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, calcium, sodium, potassium, iron and zinc. It is low in fats but high in carbohydrates. It stimulates healthy bacteria and helps to improve immunity.

‎jicama sticks is good for dogs
‎jicama sticks is good for dogs.

How to introduce jicama to your dog?

If your dog is new to eat jicama, it is always better to take the advice of his regular vet. Any food item which is new to a dog should always be introduced gradually and see if he likes it or not. Also, introducing food gradually can reduce the risk of digestive issues.

Many dogs are comfortable with eating jicama but there are dogs whose bodies repel the taste and can get sick easily after having an allergic reaction.

What precautions can be taken while feeding jicama to your dog?

Jicama is a good food to serve a dog even if it is raw or cooked; it helps the dog to deal with digestion. But there are some parts of this plant that are toxic to dogs and can cause a lot of health issues. The only edible part of this plant is roots, the seeds; stem, leaves, and skin are non-edible parts.

While serving jicama make sure that you properly wash it, to remove anything harmful and remove the skin as it is hard to digest and can be bad for health.

What are the symptoms to notice if your dog is allergic to jicama?

Notice if your dog is vomiting, feeling dizzy, can’t able to walk properly, sad, and sitting alone, diarrhea or any skin-related issues. If it is acting weirdly after eating jicama then you should take it to see a veterinarian immediately.

How to prepare jicama for dogs?

Initially try serving raw jicama. If your dog doesn’t like it, try to boil/ steam/ cook before serving because it will reduce the flavor and make it soft and easy to chew and swallow.

Make sure that you don’t feed jicama to your dog on daily basis. In case you’re giving him jicama on alternate days, try mixing it with its regular food items.

So, is jicama safe for your dog to eat? Absolutely yes, only if preventive measures are taken. Such as removing the toxic parts of the plant i.e. stem, leaves, skin, and seeds. Always remember to introduce jicama or any other new food to your dog gradually and notice if it likes it or not, also notice if it is getting any allergic reaction. In case your dog is facing some issues, take him to see a veterinarian immediately.

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