Can dogs eat lentils?

are lentils healthy for dogs
are lentils healthy for dogs

Can I feed my dog red or brown lentils?

Yes, you can feed your dog lentils, in fact they are great source of nutrition like iron, protein etc. But eating too much lentils can prove to be really bad for dogs. Due to low calorie content, lentils work as a supplement for the dogs suffering from diabetes. Lentil is a legume which is edible not only for humans, but for dogs too if the amount of lentils you give to your dog is properly monitored.

What is Lentils?

Lentils are commonly known as ‘Daal’. Lentils are seeds which comes from Lens culinaris (annual plant). As a food crop, lentils are mostly produced in India and Canada. About 82% of total production all over the globe is produced by these two countries (combined). Lentils are very nutritional as it contains vitamins, minerals and are easily digestible.

What are the nutritional content in lentils?

Like other legumes, lentils have high levels of dietary fibre and are good for dogs. Lentils are commonly known for its low cholesterol and are good for managing blood sugar levels. According to a research, it was found that eating lentils can reduce the risk associated with heart by 82% in dogs. However too much intake can be really bad for dogs.

Lentils contains omega 6 & 3 which keeps the dog’s skin and coat beautiful and healthy.

It also contains:

Vitamin- C, D, E, K, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12.

Minerals such as calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, sodium and selenium.

Are Lentils safe for dogs to eat?

Lentils are good for dogs to eat but, eating too much lentils can cause gastric problem in your dog. Gastric issues can be very painful in some dogs and even cause bloat. If untreated then it can cause death, therefore, you should make sure that eating lentils won’t cause any problems to your dog.

What should you keep in mind before giving lentils to your dog?

Can dog eat lentils daily
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As a dog parent, you should always see that your dog does not eat too much of lentils as it can be very harmful for your dog.

Lentils contains an anti-nutrient known as Phytates. Although lentils have good amount of nutrients but they also have relatively high amount of anti-nutrient. Phytates are not toxic/ harmful for dogs and humans but they prevents the body from absorbing minerals such as calcium. But to avoid phytates, keep them overnight (soaked) in warm water. This technique to avoid the phytic acid should be used before feeding lentils to your dear furry friend. Consumption of raw lentils should be avoided by both dogs and humans. In some cases raw lentils can cause food poisoning in dogs.

You should also note that even lentils have high nutritional content, but cannot replace the normal food of your dog. Dogs cannot live eating lentils alone for life.

How do you cook lentils for dogs?

The best way to cook lentils for dogs is to simmer with little turmeric powder and add some rice, meat and vegetables and serve as a soup. The lentils can be mixed with normal food of dogs i.e. with meat, bread, grains etc.

Can dogs with pancreatitis eat lentils?

Yes, your dog can eat cooked lentils, even it has always been recommended to cook lentils of all types before serving it to your dog. There has always been a belief that cooking can reduce the nutrition level in food but it is not true with lentils, its always better to cook lentils before eating, so as to avoid phytic acid.

Therefore, dogs can eat lentils but the quantity and intervals should be monitored. Lentils can be very beneficial for dog, especially to those who are suffering from diabetes. As a caretaker you should defiantly feed your dog lentils, but make sure your dog doesn’t end up eating only lentils for a long time as it will become unhealthy for dogs.

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