Can dogs eat sushi?

is sushi safe for dogs
is sushi safe for dogs?

What kind of sushi can dogs eat?

The answer to this question is not that simple. Well some veterinarian suggests it is safe, while others not. It really depends upon your dog and the ingredients used to make sushi, also there are many types of sushi and each have their own effects on the health of the dog.

What is sushi? What are the ingredients used to make sushi?

Sushi is a dish which is originated in Japan, it is made using rice, vinegar, a little salt and sugar, sea food and a variety of ingredients. Often raw sea food and vegetables are used to make sushi, which can prove to be bad for dogs sometimes. Sushi is low in fats and high in carbohydrates (it is present in rice), protein, vitamins and minerals. Sea food contain omega 3- fatty acids which have a number of health benefits on the health of a dog, but sea food also contains some bacteria which can make your dog sick.

What are the types of sushi and there effects in health your dog?

There are a lot of variety of sushi available but some of them are:

Nigirizushi: It is the one which is the most popular, it contains rice which are oval shaped and the side dish is placed on the top of it. It can be safe for your dog to eat, but you need to watch out for those ingredients which a dog shouldn’t eat.

Chirashizushi: It is served with rice in a plate or a bowl and side dish such as raw fish, vegetables and mushrooms is served along with it. You need to see that your dog won’t eat it on regular basis because raw fish contains bacteria.

Inarizushi: It is served as rice, putted in a bag made from tofu. It may be okay for a dog to eat depending upon how your dog respond to tofu.

Well main ingredient is rice but some sushi contains, Ginger which is safe for dogs to eat in small amounts, salmon which again is very good for dogs to eat as it increases the shine and health of the coat of the dog, also it consists of omega 3 fatty acids which improves the immune system, seaweed which can be served to your dog but with some precautions and measures.

Can dogs eat sushi seaweed

Is giving sushi to your dog beneficial?

Yes, giving sushi to your dog sometimes will do no harm, only if the ingredients are properly taken care of. Also the rice, whether its brown or white, a dog can easily digest the rice, shrimp has various vitamins like B3, B12, phosphorus which is very nutritious for dogs. Some sushi also contains cucumber which is very healthy for a dog to eat, also dogs like to eat cucumber because of its crunchy texture.

How can sushi be a concern for your dog?

There are some NO- NO ingredients which needs to be avoided while making sushi, if a dog eats them, it can create a lot of serious issues. The ingredients include avocados, tempura, garlic/ onion, raw fish (in some cases). Try to avoid any spices and spicy mayo which can upset the stomach of your dog.

Feeding your sushi can be very good, only of a caretaker finds out a way to exclude all the toxic or allergic ingredients. It is best to give sushi to your dog as a treat because a large amount of consumption of rice can lead to increase in carbohydrates and cause a lot of long term / short term issues. Also raw fish contains bacteria which is hard for a dog to digest and can cause issues. If you want to serve sushi with fish, then you can try cooking fish before serving it to your dog.

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