Can dogs eat tamarind or tamarind pulp?

Tamarind is safe for dogs
Tamarind is safe for dogs

Is tamarind poisonous for dogs?

Yes, dogs can eat tamarind pulp. Tamarind should not be given raw to the dogs as they might eat the seeds and shell as well. The seeds and shell cannot be digested by humans and dog alike due to its hard structure so only tamarind pulp should be served to a dog in dishes or juices. Tamarind pulp will be a healthy addition in the diet of dog as it contains several useful nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

What is “Tamarind” and “Tamarind pulp“?

A tamarind tree, which grows to a maximum height of 60 feet, bears fruits which are brown in color and shaped like pods. In India in Hindi the fruit is called Imli. The pulp of tamarind fruit is sweet, sour and tangy like a lemon juice. Initially the fruit is green in color which is very sour in taste but as the fruit matures it turns its color from green to brown to red and becomes sweeter in taste in due course.

 A single fruit may have 6 to 12 seeds with pulp around it. A single tamarind tree bears about 175 kg of fruits per year. Tamarind seeds are used to extract tamarind oil. The leaves of tamarind tree are used in some Indian dishes. A 100g of tamarind has about 239 Kcal of energy. It has about 62.5 g of carbohydrates, 31.4 g of water, and 2.8 g of proteins. It has Potassium, Phosphorus, Calcium and Magnesium apart from many other minerals.

Can dogs eat tamarind

Food Preparations made out of tamarind pulp

Tamarind pulp is used in many different ways in dishes and juices. It is also used as an ingredient in soups; it is also added for some sweet, sour and tangy taste in some dishes. In India it is used to make Rasam, a drink generally taken after meals for digestion purpose. In Mexico the tamarind pulp is mixed with water to make a fresh juice or drink.

How much quantity of tamarind can I serve to my dog?

Only moderate quantity of tamarind should be given to your dog. Around 20g to 40g of tamarind pulp can be served to your dog in a single meal.

What is usefulness of tamarind for my dog?

Tamarind is a natural laxative and helps in curing constipation. It provides additional nutrients in the normal dog food. Your dog may like the sweet and sour taste of tamarind pulp and may ask for more but you should not serve more than a normal quantity of any tamarind pulp containing dish or juice otherwise your dog may suffer from diarrhoea. Tamarind pulp also contains antioxidant properties and is very useful for dogs and humans alike.

Tamarind pulp contains natural acids like tartaric acid, lauric acid etc. Its use is quite beneficial for teeth of pets as it act as natural cleanser and removes the plaque and yellowishness of the teeth.

Tamarind pulp is known to protect from kidney stones. It is also recommended for a natural cure for diabetes and colon cancer.

When not to give tamarind pulp to my dog?

Tamarind pulp or powder should be avoided to be given to your dog when it is suffering from a sore throat because of its sour nature. Any sour juice or food worsens the sore throat problem in pets as well as humans.

So Tamarind pulp can be served to your pet in case your dear canine is suffering from constipation as it is a natural laxative. The pulp may also be added to normal diet of dog to add extra vitamins and minerals in the dog food. Tamarind is tangy in taste so enjoy a fresh tamarind pulp juice or dish with your dear furry friend but in moderate quantity only.

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