Can I feed my dog salami?

Can dogs eat salami?

The answer to this question is quite tricky. Salami is not toxic to dogs but it contains high levels of sodium, garlic and fat content which can be bad for dogs. If your dog ate salami in a small amount it may not get affected by it, in some cases you won’t find any noticeable effects but if your dog is eating salami on regular basis then it will cause it to suffer from health complications, in some cases it can suffer from unreasonable thirst. Well, there are a number of salamis available in the market, if you want your dog to eat salami then make sure you choose the one without onion or garlic powder as these ingredients are toxic for dogs to eat.

How many types of salami can a dog safely eat?

Well seeing the varieties of salami that are available in the market one thing that I think should be given priority is to check the ingredients it has. If it includes any toxic ingredient or high level of salt/ sodium or spices then it becomes a big NO to serve your dog.

  • Dry salami: it is made using beef and has less amount of fat as compared to other salamis. It is safe for dogs to eat but in less quantity.
  • Genoa salami: it is made using pork and wine. It is usually soft and greasy, safe for dogs to eat. If your dog is eating it for the first time, try to introduce it in a very small amount. In case your dog likes it, do not overfeed it. Also, look for symptoms like getting thirsty after eating and if it’s positive, do not feed Genoa salami again to your dog.
  • Turkey salami: it is a better option to serve your dog than other salamis as it contains less fat. But, you still need to watch the quantity you are serving.
My Great Dane ate salami. Will he be OK
My Great Dane ate salami. Will he be OK?

Can dogs eat pepperoni and salami?

No, Dogs can and should not eat pepperoni and salami as pepperoni contains too much sodium and spices which are bad for dogs to consume. Salami itself needs too much caution to be served to dogs and adding pepperoni will only make it worse.

According to veterinarians dogs can eat pepperoni twice in a year, but less than a slice as eating more frequently and in more quantity will cause serious digestive issues.

Well, pepperoni and salami both do not contain much nutritional value than other non-vegetarian food items so one doesn’t need to risk the health of their dog.

How to know if your dog’s health is compromised after eating salami/ pepperoni?

Can salami kill a dog? Dogs cannot tell if they are sick or not but their body does communicate. As a good caretaker, you should always pay attention to their health and notice any weird behavior. After eating salami/ pepperoni a dog may show symptoms like an increase in thirst or urination, abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea etc. If you’re noticing any of these symptoms contact your veterinarian immediately.

Dogs need to be treated in time. If not, it can cause other serious health issues. He/ she may suffer from hair loss.


Some vets say it is okay to eat salami in a limited quantity, once in few months and some say it is always better to take precautions than risking the health of your dog. In case your dog ate salami by accident, see the ingredients used to make salami and contact its regular vet. Eating a small piece of salami won’t make it sick but be attentive enough to notice any symptoms. In India most people eat Chicken salami, which contains a high amount of sodium, ginger, and garlic, eating it will not do any good to your dog. If you want to serve chicken to your dog, try giving boiled chicken or chicken soup excluding all the toxic ingredients.

My shetland sheepdog loves salad with dressing.

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