Can I Give My Dog Exlax

Exlax for dog constipation

Can I Give My Dog Exlax for constipation?

If your beloved pet is suffering from constipation you might be tempted to reach into your medicine cabinet for a laxative like Exlax. But if you are wondering if it is safe to give a human formulation like Exlax to your pet you are right about your concerns.

As a pet owner you should follow the golden rule of never ever giving your dog any human medication without the prior approval of the vet. After all the bodies of dogs are much smaller and differently built than humans and this makes your medicine cabinet a highly unlikely treatment option for your dog!

No Never Give Exlax to Your Dog

While it is okay to give some human medications to dogs under the supervision of a vet, Exlax is definitely not one of them. So firstly if your dog is suffering from constipation and you have Exlax at home don’t ever think of giving your pet some as it can be highly toxic for them.

My dog after eating exlax

Now that we have clarified that Exlax should never be given to dogs we want pet owners to also understand that instead of looking for suitable over the counter laxatives for their pet it is crucial that they get in touch with their vet if their dog is suffering from symptoms of  constipation. Only after the vet carries out a thorough check up of your dog and is familiar with their medical history can they offer the best possible treatment for your pet’s constipation. So always remember that instead of self medicating, seeking the opinion of a vet is the best step you can take for the sake of your pet’s health.

Exlax Toxicity in Dogs

In case you have given your pet some Exlax or your dog has consumed some by accident just rush them to the nearest pet care centre as soon as possible. Exlax is not fit for consumption by dogs and can poison them severely. The most common symptoms of Exlax toxicity in dogs include lethargy, stomach pain, loose stools, dizziness, vomiting as well as seizures in some cases.

If you suspect that your pet has consumed some Exlax, the best option is to keep them well dehydrated and under observation for the next few hours at least. In case your dog shows any of the above mentioned symptoms of Exlax poisoning like loose stools and abdominal cramps it is very crucial to take them to the vet right away in order to avoid any fatal consequences.

Dealing With Canine Constipation

If your pet is suffering from constipation it is most likely due to some dietary irregularity. Therefore apart from making an appointment with the vet it is also important to create a fiber rich diet plan for your dog. Switching to a better quality dog food brand as well as giving them something as basic as enough amounts of water to drink might just help clear up their constipation in a few days time. In rare cases constipation can also be caused due to some abnormal blockage in your dog’s intestinal tract which would need proper medical treatment and sometimes even a surgery. In this case giving your pet any kind of laxative would be all the more dangerous. This is why seeking a vet’s opinion is very important when it comes to dealing with canine constipation.

To sum it up, never give Exlax to your pet to treat constipation. Exlax is not only unsuitable for dogs but highly toxic for them as well. The best option to deal with your pet’s constipation is to get in touch with your vet right away. A thorough professional check up will always ensure proper treatment and the speedy recovery of your pet!

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