Can I Give My Dog Jello

jello safe for dogs

Is Jello bad for dogs

Jello is a brightly-colored dessert that attracts attention. It is a fun food. You can provide your fido some jello but that should not be store-bought. Jellos that are made at home can be safely given to canine.

Why shouldn’t I give store-bought jello to my dog?

Jello is delicious, low in calories and is easily available in many flavors. But, most jello’s that you buy from market are not safe for dogs. As those jellos may contain sugar alternative and coloring additives which are harmful for your canine. If the packet contains Xylitol, an artificial sweetener then this would prove risky for him. Dogs metabolize Xylitol differently than human beings. It can plummet canine’s blood sugar to life threatening low level in just few minutes. Jello’s flavors are artificial, which is not a great choice. So, dog owner should read the labels before purchasing jello for dog.

How jello is good for dog?

my dog ate jello

Jello is a gelatin dessert.  Gelatin is good for dogs as it is made from animal’s by-products such as tendons and skin which actually is a natural part of canine’s diet. The amino acid present in gelatin is beneficial for your doggie’s hair, skin and joints. It’s a good idea to include jello in your pet’s diet to make his brain healthy and to prevent arthritis. But make your own jello as homemade jello is best whereas store- bought Jello may have ingredients which could be hazardous from the health point of view.

Important points to consider when making jello for dog

Treating your dog with homemade jello is good for him. But, the most important thing is to use gelatin which is unflavored. To add flavor, one can add vegetables or fruits that are safe for canine. Low- sodium broth (as too much salt is not good for pets) can also be added. Regular sugar is preferable to artificial one. Vegetables or fruits must be pureed as chopped items would not work perfectly. So, make jello treats at home that are not only safe but also beneficial for your canine friend. There are also many homemade recipes available online.

How much jello can I give to dog?

Though there is protein in jello but it also contains artificial ingredients. So, be moderate when serving it to fido. Moreover, giving it on daily basis would lead to a poor feeding habit. One should avoid making this treat a regular occurrence. Dog owner should not forget if his canine friend is on protein-restricted diet. If dog has some chronic liver or kidney disease then consult your veterinarian before giving jello treats to dog.

So, you can feed your canine friend with jello but in moderation. Artificial sweetener, Xylitol may be beneficial and safe for people but when it comes to dog, it’s another story. It can prove fatal to him. So, you can prepare jello yourself and that is the easy way to keep out artificial sweetener and other toxic ingredients. Your canine would greatly benefit if you make your own jello.

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