Can I Give My Dog Lactaid milk

Can you give a puppy lactose free milk

Is it ok to give lactose free milk to dogs

I have seen many dog owners give their dog milk as a part of the dog’s regular diet. Though most dogs happily lap the milk and finish it, some dogs are not able to digest the milk. This is because of lactose intolerance in dogs. Lactose is a sugar in milk and some dogs that are not able to digest this lactose experience gastrointestinal distress resulting in vomiting, nausea, bloating and diarrhea. Since lactose is the problem, many dog owners ask if they can give lactaid to their dogs that have lactose intolerance. But is it necessary?

Lactaid is lactose free milk suitable for humans who have lactose intolerance. So can you give your dog lactaid? Want to know? Just scroll down…

The answer is not necessary

You might think that lactose free milk is beneficial for dogs that cannot digest milk and dairy products. But the fact is why give your dog milk? Milk should not be considered as a substitute for water, and your dog does not need to drink milk, whether it is lactose free or no. Dogs get all the nutrition they require from their diet and there is no necessity to get it from milk. Your dog’s water supply should never be substituted with milk, because they are benefited only by drinking water and not milk.

Is it ok to give my dog a small amount of lactaid?

what happenes if dog drinks Lactose Free Milk

Why do you want to give your dog lactose free milk, when it can be of no benefit for him? But what if my dog ate lactaid pills? Actually most of the dogs do not have any problem drinking cow’s milk, only a few of them have difficulty in digesting milk and milk products. And if your dog has lactose intolerance, just avoid giving him milk instead of opting for lactose free milk. Milk is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals and if your dog has no problem with milk, it is ok to give him some. But lactose free milk is useless, because it has lesser benefits than regular milk and it is no way healthier than regular milk for dogs. Lactose free milk is a good alternative to regular milk for humans who cannot digest the lactose in regular milk, but certainly not for dogs.

If you are still keen on giving lactose free milk for your dog that can’t digest lactose in regular milk, you can add a small amount to his food or to his drinking water. But consult the vet before you do so.

To conclude, you really don’t have to give your dog any milk, whether lactose free or not. A healthy balanced diet is all that your dog needs to get all the nutrition he requires. It is best to avoid milk and dairy products, because at times, some dogs can also experience indigestion problems with lactose free milk too. Just make sure that your dog has fresh supply of water to prevent dehydration and he is given foods that suit his tummy.

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  1. My dogs LOVE lactaid. I give them a small bowl couple times a month without issue. I only have lactose free milk so that is why they get it.

  2. Well KellyAnne, you are not a vet so stop pretending you are one. You ask a lot of stupid questions in the article that set up your stupid answers. However, it never occurred to you that some people give milk to their dogs as a treat BECAUSE THEY LIKE IT.

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