Can my dog eat currants?

can dogs eat currants
can dogs eat currants?

The answer to this question is a yes and a no, dogs can eat currants but in a limited amount. Currants are a small dried and seedless variety of grapes. Although grapes are highly toxic for dogs, this variety is made from a different type of grapes and is considered to be non-toxic to dogs. Even researchers cannot tell for sure what mechanism or substance makes these foods toxic or poisonous to dogs. But to be on the safer side you should avoid feeding this to your dog. According to us, currants are not worth taking the risk. Studies say that currants can be given to dogs in a limited amount but still, it cannot be said for sure.

Are currants toxic to dogs?

It is still confusing and cannot be said for sure. White, black, and red currants are said to be true currants and belong to the genus Ribes which is considered a different plant group that does not contain any toxic substance. But feeding currants to your dog can still cause health issues depending upon the immunity of your dog. Some dogs can show mild symptoms like stomach upset or gastrointestinal issues by eating 1-2 currants and others can show the same symptoms by eating more than 5-6. Scientifically there is no such substance in currants that can be said to be toxic to dogs but research says that eating in large quantities can lead to various health issues which might not be able to cure later. If your dog is sensitive you should avoid feeding currants to your dog.

Are all types of currants non-toxic to dogs?

No, not all currants are non-toxic. True currants i.e., white, black, and red are non-toxic, but other types of currants are extremely dangerous and are a big NO-NO.

Zante currants are commonly known as currants but in reality, they are dried forms of grapes that cannot be served to a dog. These currants are small in size and black in color. These types of currants are easily available in grocery stores, feeding these currants to a dog can lead to organ failure and death. Grapes are known to be a dangerous poison for a dog and a dried form of it is no different. Even a small quantity of these currants can cause kidney failure. Therefore you should keep them as away from your dog as possible.

How many currants can I serve to my dog?

None. Nada! Ideally, you should not feed currants to your dog toy but if you really want, you can serve true currants occasionally. For small dogs, the serving quantity should be one or two and for mature or dogs more than 1yrs of age, it should be 3-4 at a time. While serving currants to your dog make sure that you save only the true variety of currants, not Zante currants otherwise feeding it to your dog would be deadly. while buying current from the grocery store make sure that you read the ingredients carefully.

What to do if my dog ate lots of currants accidentally?

If your dog ate a little amount of true currants, they might not get health issues but you should pay attention towards your dog. Notice if he shows symptoms and acts accordingly. If your dog starts to show mild symptoms then contact its regular veterinarian immediately but if your dog shows symptoms like diarrhea, vomiting, and anorexia then you should call the emergency helpline number.

If your dog ate Zante currants then you should call an ambulance for your dog immediately, you should not wait for symptoms to show, let the experts handle the situation. Even a little amount of Zante currants can cause death, therefore if your dog ate this type of currant by accident you should act accordingly.

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