Can you give pedialyte to dogs?

can i give my dog flavored pedialyte

Can I give dogs Pedialyte?

Pedialyte should be given to dogs when they refuse to take any liquids, or they become dehydrated. If your dog is having an inadequate amount of water in their body or less electrolyte i.e. potassium or sodium, then it is time to take good care of your dog.

Inadequate liquid intake, vomiting, and diarrhea leads to dehydration. To prevent these diseases to your dog, you can give the Pedialyte.

Though there are many treatments to cure these health issues, Pedialyte works best in adding lost liquids and electrolytes in dogs. Pedialyte is safe, and it is most loved servings to the dogs.

How do I get my sick dog to drink water? How do you rehydrate a dog?

Yes, you can give your dog Pedialyte. It’s best for curing humans, but you can give only when you think it’s required. Pedialyte is a replacement treatment for the new born human babies, but it can also be served to dogs. It nourishes vital minerals like sodium, chloride, and potassium. You can use this electrolyte liquid for quick recovery of your dog from dehydration.

The appropriate dosage of Pedialyte for dogs

There are various types of Pedialyte products, moderated and non- moderated.

It’s your choice whether you want to mix water with the solution or not.

The appropriate dosage of Pedialyte given to your dog depends on the weight of your dog. If your dog weighs 40- 50 pounds then you can serve your canine half cup of moderated Pedialyte every hour. Please don’t surpass four cubic centimeters per pound of weight.

Don’t mix liquids other than water to Pedialyte. If you mix any sugar syrup to the fluid, then your dog might have severe dehydration issues.

dog dehydration treatment home

How will you know that your Dog is suffering from dehydration?

You can come to know that your dog is suffering from dehydration from the following explanations:-

Dog’s body is made up of 60% water. This water is important for the proper functioning of the immune system of your dog i.e. removal of harmful intake and fermentation of foods. If your dog is having problems in the correct operation of the immune system, then this confirms that your dog is suffering from dehydration.

Some of the symptoms are- immersed eyes, rough skin, dry skin, eyes, and mouth. Pedialyte will help your dog to recover soon from dehydration.

Why does your Dog suffer from dehydration?

Dogs are easily prone to dehydration. Besides being ill, humid or dry climate can be a reason when accompanied with an unhealthy liquid intake.

The condition of your dog can be worst if your canine is suffering from – vomiting, viral or bacterial infection, fever, diabetes, kidney diseases, drooling and breathing problems.

What so ever may be the reason but dehydration should be cured properly for your dogs. If Pedialyte cannot cure your canine, then visit a doctor soon.

When you need help from a vet?

You need to visit the vet when Pedialyte does not cure your dog ‘s dehydration. In the severe conditions visiting a vet becomes necessary. Often people give Pedialyte when their dog is suffering from parvo virus, but please note, Pedialyte cannot cure this disease. You have to consult a vet in this case. If your dog is very ill, then vet might give your canine IV liquids and may want your dog to stay in the hospital for a night or till it is fine.

The effectiveness of Pedialyte during dehydration

If your dog is suffering from dehydration and you neglect it, then your dog might fall sick very badly. Pedialyte is very reliable and beneficial for animals. Pedialyte is competent hydration solution for dehydrating canines. It is a good idea to talk with a vet and pursue their Pedialyte dosage suggestions. Still, if your dog doesn’t get well, then without delay take them to the vets.

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