Dried Mango

Is my dog okay to eat dried Mango

Can I Give My Dog Dried Mango

If you have a liking for dried mango but find it hard to enjoy it at home without your doggie making those “give me some pleaseeee” eyes at you, you are not alone! This is why we have a whole article dedicated for pet owners who want to know if they can give dried mango to their dogs. So if you have a pet at home who goes bonkers every time you open a packet of dried mangoes and makes you wonder if it is okay to share the treat with them read on to know the answer.

Yes You Can But Sparingly!

That’s right! Go ahead and give a few tiny bits of dried mango to your doggie as it is fine as long as it’s a rare and very small treat.

The anatomy of dogs is very different from us humans especially their digestive systems which is why most people foods are not suitable for canines. And that’s why investing in a good quality dog food is the best step owners can take in ensuring a well balanced and healthy diet for their pets. That said not all people foods are harmful for dogs and some fruits and vegetables can make for healthy and natural treats for dogs. As long as these homemade treats are given to dogs just once in a while and in very small portions. And that goes for dried mango as well as overfeeding on them can tummy upsets and other digestive issues in your pet!

What Types Of Dried Mango Is Okay

While dried mango is not poisonous for dogs, it should be given to them rarely and in very small portions and that too the right variety. Therefore dried mangoes which are laden with added sugars and additives are a big no as they can be very harmful for dogs. Apart from the sweet variety of dried mango, they are also available in their unripe and sour form which is even more unsuitable for dogs as it can wreak havoc with their digestive systems.

So make sure that if you are actually tempted to give your pet some of that dried mango you are snacking on it should not be sour, unripe or loaded with additives!

There are better Alternatives to Dried Mango!

Yes we know that our dogs can get pretty persistent when it comes to begging for people food and if your pet has set their eyes on your packet of dried mangoes you have a tough task at hand! But while our doggies might like to feast on dried mangoes they are not good for them unless it is just a small bite or two as it can cause diarrhea and further digestive complications. But the good news is there are better alternatives to treat your dog with, especially if they have a fondness for people foods which most of them do!

For instance you can give your dog a few slices of ripe mango flesh. They will relish the taste and it will be a very healthy treat for them as well. But be careful to keep any skin or the stone of the mango fruit away from your dog as ingesting them can cause serious blockage in their digestive tract. And if you are looking for healthy options to give to your pet as treats, carrot and cucumber sticks are also great alternatives. Just remember that moderation is the key and you and your pet are good to go as long as the fruits and vegetables are clean, peeled, sliced and free of added sugars, salt and spices!

To sum it up, while dried mango is not toxic for dogs they are not the healthiest option for your pets either. So a bite or two of naturally dried mango fruit is fine as long as they are not unripe or laced with additives. On the other hand, giving your pet dog nutritious fruit and veggie treats in moderation like mango slices or carrot and cucumber sticks are much better options on the whole!

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