Can Dogs Eat Fish & Tuna Fish

Can I Give My Dog Fish

When it comes to our four legged friends it is but natural to be concerned about their diet especially when it comes to giving then people food. So if you are wondering if it would be okay to give your pet some fish then it is a good thing that you are doing your homework about its suitability for dogs first.

But fish should be okay for dog’s you wonder. After all it is rich in all the good kind of fats and a lean protein source too. Well just read on to know if it’s a good choice for your fur baby or not!

Yes You Can Give Your Dog Some Fish

Yes we have some good news for you and especially for your beloved doggie. You can give your dog fish as it is actually good for them.

Now that we have given you the good news that dogs can actually eat fish as it is beneficial for them lets talk about what kinds are the best. Well as there is such a vast amount of variety to choose from this can get a bit confusing but don’t worry. Just remember that while most river as sea water fishes are good for dogs the best way to take your pick is to ensure that it does not have any bones in it and is not a very fatty species.

What Types of Fish Are the best For Dogs

As we have mentioned before while all types of fishes are good for dogs pet parents need to be very careful about fish bones. So make sure that either you pick up deboned fish filets for your dog or give them shell fish meat like crabs.

In general fishes like salmon, trout, tuna are good choices when it comes to treating our pets to fish. That’s right we said treating because even though fish is good for dogs it should not be given to them more than a couple of times a week. It is also a good idea to look for dog food formulations that contain fish in them if you are really keen on your pet getting the great health benefits of fish!

Benefits of Giving Fish to Dogs

When it comes to animal products, fish is considered to be one of the most nutritious and healthy protein sources for humans. So does this stand true for dogs as well? Yes fish is good for the health of dogs but while humans can eat them as part of a daily diet dogs should not be given fish for more than a couple times a week. When given in moderation, the omega 3 fatty acids in fish can be efficiently absorbed by dogs which in turn can really boost their health.

On the whole it is a good idea to give fish to your dog. But that said one should be very careful about removing any fish bones prior to feeding dogs fish as they can cause choking as well as internal bleeding and ruptures in dogs. Choosing a dog food formulation which contains fish is also a very good option for pet parents who want their dogs to benefit from this healthy protein source.

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