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Is vanilla ice cream bad for a dog

Can I Give My Dog Ice Cream

Who doesn’t like ice cream? When you are enjoying your favorite ice cream and your dog is sitting beside you and giving you that pleading look that he would love to share your ice cream, I am sure your heart will melt and you will think of giving him his share. Though your dog would like to eat whatever you eat, are you sure you can give your dog ice cream?

You must be wondering what’s wrong in giving ice creams to dogs. After all it’s just milk and sugar? Well, that’s the main problem! Read on to know if you can give your dog ice cream.

The answer is no, not recommended

Actually it is advisable not to share ice creams with dogs. Even if a small serving will not hurt your dog, it is better to avoid it, because ice cream can be dangerous and make your dog sick.

Why dogs should not be given ice cream?

The main reason is off-course the milk and sugar contents in ice creams. Milk contains a nutrient called lactose which can cause indigestion in dogs. Though some dogs do not have any problem with lactose, most dogs are lactose tolerant and consuming milk can cause vomiting, gas, diarrhea, abdominal pain and other gastrointestinal problems. You should only feed your dog foods that can be easily digested. If your dog is not able to digest the milk in ice cream, he will develop acute intestinal distress.

Can Dogs Eat Ice Cream

Another problematic content in ice cream is sugar. Dog owners are advised to steer clear of giving sweets to dogs. Sugar can be as harmful to dogs, same as it is in humans. Ice cream is very sweet and regular intake of ice cream can lead to excessive sugar build up in your dog’s blood stream, leading to canine diabetes. Sugar causes dental problems such as infection in the teeth, gum and surrounding structures, which in-turn can increase the risk of various other diseases and sugar can also increase the dog’s weight leading to obesity.

What about a small scoop of ice cream?

Well you can’t resist, isn’t it? You want to share a bit of your ice cream with your friend? Ok give him a small scoop, but please don’t make this a habit. If you want to give him some ice cream, give him only vanilla ice cream, and please avoid giving your pet chocolate flavor or ice cream with  grapes or raisins. Chocolate is bad for your dog, because it contains a toxic compound theobromine. Dogs cannot metabolize this compound as humans, and it can cause illness or even death. Grapes are so toxic that it can lead to kidney failure in dogs.

Ice cream is not nutritious, not healthy and does not agree with your dog’s tummy. Though your dog wants to have some ice cream, these are reasons why you should not share your ice cream with your canine friend. After all you love him so much and you will definitely not want him to fall sick, do you? So, remember, no ice creams for dogs!!!

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