Is “chewing” a bone mental stimulation for dogs?

What does chewing on a bone do for dogs
What does chewing on a bone do for dogs? Image credit to " "Shane Adams | Flickr"

Does chewing relieve stress in dogs?

Yes! Definitely. Usually, dogs are not used to be left alone by their owners and if done so, the dog can act very anxiously and begin to chew/rip every furniture and things in the house. A dog chews and licks only that objects the taste and smell of which it likes.

For the dogs, things like the leather shoes and the slippers are very alluring as their odor attracts the dog towards them. Even the wooden furniture attracts the mental hormones of the dog and they tend to lick and chew them.

This licking and chewing are a natural mental stimulation for the dogs and chewing a bone is definitely a mental simulation for dogs. Following is a complete description of the stimulation.

What does chewing bones do for dogs
What does chewing bones do for dogs?

Mental and physical Stimulation

As all the humans need consistent stimulation, the pets like a cat and a dog also need both physical and mental stimulation. This is essential for the Dog to live a happy and a long life and also helps in preventing destructive behaviors. This stimulation helps the dog to stay away from obesity, the strengthening of the cardio-vascular muscles and health, eliminating the digestive problems, keeping the brain super active and keeping joints moveable.

Also taking the dog outdoor, promotes house training, builds up the confidence, and also increases the socialization and interaction with the other dogs.

What is a dog chew?

Dogs usually love chewing, which is basically a natural behavior of the dog. Dogs have the habit to keep exercising their jaws and keep their teeth neat. Chews are mainly made to keep their habit good and intact, which also completely engages the dogs mentally as well as alleviates boredom. The bone chew allows the dog to fulfill their need and desire to gnaw on things so that they do not keep chewing or licking on to everything in the home and the surroundings.

How does dog chews help dogs?

There are several benefits of dog chews, the first being that chewing can help lessen their anxiety and stress levels. The stress hormones will relax automatically and the dog will feel rather relieved. Chewing acts as a Zen activity similar to that of yoga for humans. Uneasiness and anxiety, during/due to lightening, storm, fireworks, very loud music, can be eased and the dogs can calm down.

It is definitely safer than the bones which can possibly cause choking, breaking of teeth, major blockages, and even digestive issues. The dog chews ensure to promote dental health by producing anti-bacterial saliva, soothe teeth and gums, promote proper cleansing and the breath also advances.

Chews are a major help for the teething process in puppies. The pain that occurs during teething can be triggered to minimum by using dog chews.

How does chewing on bones help dogs?

What does chewing on a bone do for dogs
What does chewing on a bone do for dogs? Image credit to ” “Shane Adams | Flickr”

Dog bones are rich in calcium and phosphorous, which will help the dogs to maintain proper weight and maintain the adequate quantity of calcium in the bones. For the development of the puppies the bone chewing is important, as it promotes mental stimulation to a greater level, also maintains essential fiber, fatty acids, antioxidants, and enzymes, and an important exercise for the teeth and gums.

How bones and artificial bones are harmful for dogs?

The bones can be destructive for the dogs too, as chewing on hard bones can cause breaking of the teeth and may also cause possibility of fracture. Some bones can also lead to severe digestive problems as these bones can generate multiple acids inside the stomach causing multiple ulcers.

Even the artificial bones and the chews can be highly non-digestible and may cause obstruction in the intestines. As the dogs have intent to swallow the bones, it might swallow the chews as well which may cause choking and can be fatal.

What do vets recommend for dog chews?

Choosing a dog chew can be difficult for us, thus all the vets have kept a criterion for the selection of the dog chews. The “Veterinary Oral Health Council” (VOHC) helps in giving certain guidelines according to which a chew should be chosen for different categories of dogs.

One has to decide about the quality and behavior that best describes our dog:

  1. Inhaler– One type of dog is who bites large portions of the edible chews and also swallows them. These types of dogs can also be categorized together to be called “Gulpers”.
  2. Destroyer– The other type of dog is who destroys everything that he takes into his mouth. Though it is not necessary that they swallow whatever they chew, they might just get aggressive to destroy it.
  3. Nibbler– These types of dogs are generally fun loving and not necessarily believes in fighting and destroying. They are usually very calm and they play with the toys and chews rather than aggressively destroying them.

These are the recommended chews for the different types of dogs:

FOR TYPE INHALERS– Rubber, stuffed and roped toys, tennis balls, etc.

FOR TYPE DESTROYERS– Edible chews, delicious treats, fancy rubber toys, etc.

FOR TYPE NIBBLERS– Tennis balls, stuffed and rope toys, alluring treats and chews, chews made up of rubber, etc.

How do we know that dog needs a vet during or after chewing?

Dog might need an emergency visit to the vet if one sees a whole different behavior of the dog while he is chewing. If the dog seems uninterested and appears to avoid his regular chews, the treats and the food, it is very clear that the dog might be suffering from uneasiness.

If one sees some blood around the mouth or on the chew/toy or in the area that the dog had been sitting, check the mouth immediately and rush to the vet.

Dog might also face indigestion problems, may vomit, or have loose motions/diarrhea, a vet should be consulted.

Sometime the dogs repeatedly whine/cry, show utter laziness, seems completely out of energy, or are sleeping often, after chewing a chew or a toy; it should be immediately reported to a vet.

What are the top 20 Dog chewing toys?

  1. Paw zogoflex toy– It is a highly durable and eco-friendly toy which is designed in a way that a pet can chew it for a longer duration.
  2. Ethical plush blanket toys– It is specific toy for puppies and small dogs.  There is a squeaker placed inside the head of the toy and is available in multiple colors which pleases the puppies.
  3. Playful rubber ring– It is soft, durable and non – toxic toys made from natural rubber having different colors, shapes and styles.  They are usually used for strengthening of the dog’s gums during their developing age.
  4. Bene wish bone– It is a dog’s friendly chew made up of hundred percent real ingredients like “bacon” the scent and flavor of which the dog cherishes.
  5. Nyla bone chew– This Company provides personalized chews which are made of high quality of ingredients, with high proteins for maintaining health of dogs.
  6. Lucas’s spider toy– It contains hundred percent organic rubbers and is chemical free. It is basically meant for puppies that are at the stage of teething. It is known as the best for the blind dogs/puppies.  
  7. Kong classic toy– It is a classic durable natural toy and has four types: – extreme, puppy, senior and small animal.  It has been a useful toy for dogs for more than 30 years.
  8. Nyla bone puppy ring– It is effective in cleaning teeth and prevents destructive chewing. It also helps dogs to fight boredom and ensures enjoyment.
  9. Blue puppy chew– It is for puppies and small dogs who are in their teething stage. It helps to relieve the pain in the puppy’s gums during teething as it keeps the puppy happy as well as busy. It is made up of natural rubber, attached with a cotton rope, having different multiple textures, is highly durable and resistant to hard bites.
  10. Rope chew– It is highly durable made up of 100 percent cotton fabric and is multifunctional and helps promoting appropriate chewing. It is environmentally friendly and is easily washable.
  11. Orka bone chew– It is a solid bone, flat in shape, and helps remove the tartar. This too has a multiple texture.
  12. Chilly bone– This bone is usually frozen in freezer, to be highly cooled and iced, which helps the dog in teething, and makes the dog playful with the melting water which acts as a mental stimulation for the dog, calming the nerves.
  13. Wings pet chew toy– It is shaped in the form of chicken wings, which instantly attracts the dog. The material is made up of rubber and helps the dog in teething and keeping the teeth strong.
  14. Roller dispensing ball– It is made up of non-toxic rubber, and is made to fit all the treats inside the open design of the ball. This keeps the dog completely engaged for long play hours.  
  15. Buck bone natural antlers– It has 100 percent organic antlers, and it contains phosphorous, calcium and proteins. It helps in keeping the dog’s teeth clean and healthy.
  16. Stick chews toy– It is a durable and a tough toy for majorly aggressive chewers, which helps in development of molar teeth of the puppy. It is highly durable and long lasting.
  17. Teething toy set– It is made up of non-toxic, bite resistant and is highly durable. The material used is 100% cotton and is available in multiple colors.
  18. Teething toy ring– It is made up of durable nylon interlocking rings which satisfies the non-destructive puppy chewing. It also helps to reduce tartar and maintains hygiene of teeth.
  19. Bacon scented chew toy– It contains bacon flavors which automatically attracts the dogs to chew as this flavor is irresistible by dogs.
  20. Tough plush chew toy– It is a highly durable toy which is useful for the dog in teething and adds a fun factor while it is playing with the toy.


Chewing is a natural process that is inbuilt in a dog, which is a perfect mental and physical stimulation for them. There are many kinds of chews and bones that a dog will love to chew according to the type of chewer the dog is, namely, inhalers, destroyers or nibblers. The dog usually chews and licks those things of which he loves the smell of. It is the furniture made of wood, the leather shoes, the sandals, and majorly the human smell that attracts the nostrils and the taste buds of the dogs. According to these needs, the dog chews and toys are designed to add on a little extra fun and flavor for the dog.

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