My 6 month puppy ate chicken enchiladas. Now what?

are enchiladas bad for dogs
are enchiladas bad for dogs

Can dogs eat enchiladas?

The best answer for this question is no. Enchilada contains a lot of substances that are toxic for dogs. Humans might love how tasty Enchilada is but will have a doom result to pets. Due to its ingredients, enchilada is not healthy to be consumed by dogs as it is mostly made with spicy flavor and any spicy food is harmful to them. Therefore, you must be attentive whenever you have enchilada on your plate because your dog might just sneak it out of nowhere.

What is enchilada?

Enchilada is originally a street food from Mexican cuisine. The traditional enchilada is basically just a corn tortilla dipped in a spicy sauce. The modern enchilada however has now many varieties which are distinguished based on their fillings, sauces, and forms. In early times, the most commonly used filling for enchilada is fish but nowadays, chicken, pork, and ground beef have been widely used. You might realize that enchilada is edible for dogs well, it actually is. The corn tortilla can actually be consumed by dogs as long as it isn’t covered with chili sauce. But you should be aware that its nutritional value is very low so it still isn’t safe with heavy consumption.

What is enchilada made of?

Enchilada is made from various ingredients. Traditionally, it was simply served as a corn tortilla with a chili sauce but today, it can now be made thru pork, chicken, fish, and ground beef. Alongside the meat are potatoes, vegetables, beans, tofu, cheese, and many more. It is also garnished with chili peppers, sour cream, lettuce, olives, onions, cheese, and its savory spicy sauce. All these ingredients are absolutely tasty for humans but can be deadly to our furry pets. Thus, before feeding your dogs with any delicious dish on your plate, you must first consider what it is made of to keep your dogs safe and healthy.

What does enchilada have that are dangerous to dogs?

Enchilada always comes with a sauce and sauces are bad for dogs. It mainly contains chili powder, garlic, tomato paste, and onions which are all toxic to dogs once ingested. Any plant under Allium genus is very harmful to them whether it is raw, cooked, or powdered. Once digested, it may develop hemolytic anemia which can be fatal if left untreated. Spicy foods may also cause stomachache, diarrhea, or worse, bloat. Not only that spicy sauce is dangerous but also the filling of enchilada itself. Some recipes have cheese as the main ingredient but since most dogs have lactose intolerance, they might just find health complications once fed. Enchilada also contains a huge amount of salt that might lead to sodium ion poisoning if not moderately consumed. 

What happens if my dog eats enchilada?

If your dog accidentally ate enchilada, do not panic. A small amount of consumption won’t lead to immediate death. However, you still need to pay attention to his/her behavior. If your dog suddenly shows symptoms like vomiting or diarrhea, then it is best to go to the vet. Do not wait for the symptoms to get worse so better consult the expert right away.

Can I give a portion of my enchilada to my dog?

If you don’t want your dogs to suffer then do not share any portion of your enchilada with them. You might just put your dog’s health in danger if you insist on making it as a treat. The ingredients that enchilada contains are clearly harmful to dogs and are fatal especially to those with a sensitive tummy. Therefore, to avoid complications, it is best advised that you refrain from giving toxic foods to your dogs.

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