My dog ate cashews. Are Nuts poisonous to dogs?

dogs eat raw cashews

Can dogs eat cashews?

Cashews are a rich source of vitamins, nutrition, and minerals. Many dog owners love to feed this nutritional nut to their furry pet. But dogs can’t digest nuts properly, and since cashew contains the high volume of minerals and vitamins, you should be feeding these to your canine in the most appropriate manner.

It is often said that cashew nuts consumed in small quantities are not harmful to dogs. There are fewer chances that your dog might have allergies, but if you feed cashews quite often, then this will result in severe ailments.

Is it safe for dogs to eat cashews?

Yes, dogs can eat cashews as these are not toxic to dogs. But please be aware of the different forms of cashews which should and shouldn’t be fed to the dogs.

The non-fried and salt less cashews are not harmful to the dogs if given in small amounts. Before feeding cashews to dogs get it confirmed by the vet that whether the canine is allergic to cashews or not.

If you don’t want to risk your dog’s health, then it is advised to skip feeding cashews to your dogs.

my dog ate Honey Roasted Cashews
My dog ate Honey Roasted Cashews. Will he be OK?

Which type of cashews is safe for my dog to eat?

Cashews are readily available in the market in many forms. But for feeding dogs, you have to choose the cooked, roasted, steamed and unsalted cashews which are not toxic to your dog. Never feed raw cashews to your dog as these are very harmful to your furry pet.

The harmful elements can be removed from the raw cashews by steaming or roasting process. It is often advised to feed unsalted cashews to your dogs because it can be one of the reason for their death.

What is the repercussion if I feed cashew in large quantities to my dog?

Dogs should not be given large amounts of cashews to eat as it will be very harmful for canines. The following are the consequences if your dog has eaten large quantities of cashews:-

    1. Inflammation of the pancreas.
    2. Upset stomach
    3. Quick weight gain
    4. Blockage of arteries
    5. Formation of bladder stones
    6. Allergic reactions
    7. Diarrhea
    8. Vomiting

What are the benefits for feeding cashews to my dog?

The following are the advantages which the dog gets by having cashews:

  1. Cashews provides high amount of dietary fiber which enhances the digestive functions of your dog.
  2. Assist in improving the skin texture.
  3. Cashews are rich in omega-6 fatty acids, which is very beneficial for the dog.
  4. It is an excellent source of numerous healthy components, proteins, vitamins, and minerals for dogs, for example- calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, and vitamin k.
  5. Cashews help to improve the function of the brain.
  6. Lastly, it protects your dog from cardiovascular diseases.

Please understand that cashews are beneficial to human beings, but it is not same in case of dogs. It means that dogs have different nutritional requirements and needs a different combination of minerals and vitamins which are not suitable for humans. This is the reason that you should always feed your dog those food items which are compatible to provide your pet the nutrition which is required for the overall development of your dog’s body.

Always don’t focus on how much benefit your dog will be getting after consuming any particular food item. You may feed your furry pet small amounts of cashew as a treat, and it will be more than enough for your dog. Larger quantity will do more harm than good.

So can puppies have honey roasted cashews?

Your dog can have cashews but only in small amounts and occasionally. Never encourage your dogs to eat cashew in their daily food regime. You should also try to avoid this nut from the food items which are given to your pet as a treat. Though cashews are nutritious, still its negative impact on your dog’s health has overshadowed the benefits of cashew consumption. It is big “No” to let your canine have cashew in abundance.

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