Is it safe to give dogs naproxen

Can I Give My Dog Naproxen

Arthritis is a disease that can affect humans and dogs, and if your dog has arthritis, it is quite unbearable to see your furry friend limping around in pain. Though you love your dog so much and consider it as a part of your family, you must remember that he is not a human and when it comes to giving medicines to your dog, you have to be very careful, because some human medicines can be toxic for your dog even if it is a small dose.

Many owners think that they can give their dog naproxen to treat arthritis inflammation and pain. They assume that they can give their dog whatever they use. But do you know if your dog can be given naproxen? Read on to know the answer….

The answer is No, not even small dose

Naproxen is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that is used to treat pain, swelling and inflammation associated with many conditions including arthritis. Medicines that contain naproxen is available in tablet, capsule and liquid form. It can be used by humans, as it helps to reduce inflammation by reducing the production of hormones that cause the inflammation, but definitely cannot be used to alleviate pain and inflammation for canine arthritis.  The drug is highly toxic for your dog and can lead to toxic poisoning. Even a small dose is dangerous, so the best thing to do is to avoid this drug for your dog. So remember to keep your supply of naproxen out of your dog’s reach to prevent accidental swallowing.

What are the dangers of giving naproxen to dogs?

Naproxen is very poisonous for dogs. The drug can cause very serious complications and can even be fatal, if left untreated. Naproxen toxicity causes kidney damage leading to kidney failure by inhibiting blood flow to the kidneys.  The drug also causes gastrointestinal bleeding and can also cause stomach ulcers which can perforate and rupture the intestines. Naproxen toxicity can also cause liver damage and high dose of this drug can also affect the brain causing seizures and coma.

can i give my dog naproxen sodium

What should you do if your dog accidently eats naproxen?

Don’t waste any moment. Take your dog to the nearest vet as fast as possible, because vomiting has to be induced immediately to remove the drug from the stomach before the body absorbs it to prevent damages and naproxen poisoning.

Preventing diseases is much better than treating diseases. Take utmost care of the over-all health of your dog to avoid serious health problems. The best care you can give your dog if he is suffering from arthritis pain is to take him to a veterinary doctor and give him medicines prescribed only by the doctor. Don’t ever assume that you can give your canine friend every medicine you use or every food you eat. What is safe for humans can be poisonous to dogs. So do your homework before you give anything to your friend, after-all his health is as important to you as your health.

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