what to do if your dog eats onions

Can I Give My Dog Onions

No, onions are not good for dogs. Many of us already know that chocolate and raisins can make our canine sick but onion can kill him. This vegetable is poisonous for dogs.  Onion, in any form whether raw, cooked, soup mixes or powdered spices is harmful. Depending on their size, a small amount probably won’t do harm but they must not have to eat much. Only quarter of a cup can make 20-pound dog sick.

How the onions are harmful for dogs?

When a pet pooch eats members of onion family such as garlic, scallions, onion and shallots, it causes toxicity in a protein present in red blood cells. It oxidizes an oxygen-transporting protein known as hemoglobin that is present in RBC. The oxidized hemoglobin forms small clumps which cannot carry oxygen properly.

When the blood is seen in microscope, these small clumps called Heinz are traced. However, there are other numbers of compounds that cause Heinz but the onion toxicity is the first differential on the list whenever a vet sees Heinz stains. Heinz bodies decreases the lifespan of red blood cells which makes a dog anemic. A dog can develop sudden anemia by eating large amount of onion at one time or will gradually develop anemia by eating onion in small amount for several days. Particularly liver is vulnerable in case a dog develop Heinz body anemia.

What are the symptoms if my canine eats onions?

Eating onions can cause Hemolytic anemia which can prove fatal. Symptoms differ depending on the consumed onion amount, his size and the time period they have been ingested. Symptoms include red or orange urine and fatigue. It can cause liver damage, dermatitis, allergic reactions, diarrhea, anemia, weakness, discolored urine, vomiting and even asthmatic attacks. Increased heart rate, heavy breathing, loss of appetite and pale mucous membranes like gums and eyes may also be observed. These symptoms are not instant.  They are generally not visible till three to five days after ingestion.

What to do if dog ingests onions?

what to do if dog ate small piece of onion

You need to consult your vet immediately in case your dog ingests onions. Normally, treatment involves flushing out the stomach, vomiting inducement and use of activated charcoal. In case of skin infection, bathing and drying the canine may also be necessary. Therapy for liver damage, providing fluid in bloodstream to maintain dog’s hydration and blood transfusion are other treatment options.

If by some unexpected incidence, your pet does engage in an onion feast, immediately take him to veterinarian. Days could go by before you notice any symptom. Many of the foods that we consume contain a small quantity of onion that can be in any form. So, carefully read the labels before giving these foods to your canine. Specialized care is required for onion-poisoned dog. Close watch for the signs of anemia is the key.  It is possible a pet would need oxygen therapy or costly blood transfusion sessions.  Some methods of detoxification are advised if you can catch onion poisoning on time. So, it is better to prevent a tragedy with your dog by keeping onions away from your dog.

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