Can I Give My Dog Peaches?

Can Dogs Eat Peaches

If you enjoy eating peaches it is natural that you have thought of sharing this juicy fruit with your doggie friend as well. After all fruits and vegetables are supposed to make great snacks for dogs don’t they you wonder. Yes they do but not all fruits and vegetables are safe for dogs and some might be even be poisonous for them.

So does peach fall in the safe or the unsafe category for dogs? Can dogs eat peaches and what are the dos and don’ts for feeding them this fruit? Read on for all your peach related pooch queries and feeding guidelines!

Yes Your Pooch Can Have Peach!

Can I Give My Dog Peaches?

You can feed peaches to your dog. Yes, next time when you are enjoying peaches you can go ahead and share a few slices of the juicy fruit with your furry friend as well. Your dog will find the flesh of the peach fruit as delicious as you do but there are some important guidelines to remember before you award your pet a peachy treat.
Firstly always bear in mind that moderation is the key as overfeeding on peaches can lead to stomach disorders especially diarrhea in dogs. Also never ever give your dog a whole peach or any other whole fruit or vegetable as it can lead to multiple fatalities like choking as well as poisoning from the seeds and other inedible parts.

Important Dos and Don’ts For Serving Peaches to Dogs

When we say that your dog can have peaches we are only referring to fresh ones and never the canned variety. Sugar can be very harmful to dogs so canned peaches are totally off limits. The best way to treat your dog with some peach is to first wash the fresh fruit properly and then peel the outer skin as dogs are more susceptible to pesticides and mold from fruits and vegetables. So unless the peaches in your home are sourced from an organic farm it is best to remove the skin of the peach.

You can then serve a few slices of the fruit to your dog but remember only a few slices and that too occasionally or you will risk your beloved pet an upset tummy! Finally remove any peach pits from the reach of your dog as they contain cyanide which can cause serious poisoning to them. In case your dog has swallowed a whole peach fruit by accident get in touch with your vet immediately. Ingesting peach pits is also poisonous for dogs so if your pet is salivating or panting excessively or having trouble breathing take them to the vet right away.

Peaches Are Beneficial For Dogs As Well

The juicy flesh of the peach fruit offer many health benefits to dogs. Peaches are rich in vitamins A and C as well as minerals and antioxidants all of which are great of your dogs overall health especially their bones and coat. The fruit also helps in boosting your pet’s immunity and in fighting against inflammatory diseases. Treating your pet to an occasional snack of peach slices can also go a long way in helping fight against cancer and bone related conditions in dogs.

So all in all peaches work as tasty as well as healthy treats for dogs as long as they are given occasionally and in very small amounts. The best way to give your doggie this fruit is to peel the skin of the peach and cut the flesh in bite sized pieces. Remember to avoid giving whole peach fruits to dogs as it can cause choking. Also the peach pit contains cyanide which can poison your dog so keep them as far away from your pet as possible!

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