Can I Give My Dog Shrimp?

Can Dogs Eat Shrimp?

It’s no secret that every time you are cooking shrimp in the house for a family meal your sweet doggie is at your side begging for a few scraps. Which makes you wonder if it’s really okay for dogs to eat shrimp?

Well there is a lot of debate occurring amongst well meaning dog owners on the feasibility of feeding shrimps to dogs. So for the sake of our beloved pooches let’s put the shrimp argument to rest once and for all!

Yes, You Can Feed Your Dog Shrimp!

Can I Give My Dog Shrimp?

Yes it’s okay to give your dog some shrimp. Eating shrimp does not pose any danger to dogs as they are not toxic. But ask any vet and they will always advice against making any sudden and quick changes to a dog’s diet as this is one of the main reasons for your pet falling sick especially if it is a human food. And this stands true in the case of shrimps as well!

So if you are thinking of feeding your dog shrimp remember that while it is not dangerous it is a human food after all and you need to follow some important feeding guidelines first.

How to Feed Shrimp To Your Dog?

According to the ASPCA small amounts of cooked shrimp can be safely fed to dogs as occasional treats. This brings us to the most important point about how to feed shrimp to your dog – never give your dog raw shrimp. The bacteria in raw shrimp can cause serious health problems in dogs so avoid uncooked shrimp at all costs. Also devein the shrimp before cooking it and ensure that it’s fully cooked.

Always peel the shrimp before feeding it to your dog by carefully removing the shrimps head, legs, outer shell and tail. Ingesting any of the hard crustaceous part of the shrimp can cause serious health issues. Finally always remember to feed shrimp to your dog only once in a while and then too just a couple of pieces as overfeeding can cause fatal digestive problems.

Shrimp Benefits for Dogs

Feeding small amounts of cooked shrimp meat one in a while can actually be beneficial for your doggie apart from making him wildly happy and excited!   Shrimp is very rich in good fats like the omega 3 as well as selenium both of which are excellent for the health of your pet’s heart. Feeding your dog shrimp can also help in fighting against various inflammatory diseases which are very common in canines. Shrimp meat is also loaded with lots of vitamins and minerals which help in maintaining the overall well being of your dog.

So like most dogs if your furry friend is extra fond of shrimp go ahead and treat him to a piece or two as small amounts of completely cleaned and cooked shrimp is actually good for dogs as long they are given only once in a while. Just remember to peel the outer covering of the shrimp and avoid any seasonings or salt otherwise they can do more harm than good to your pet! And if your dog is exhibiting any abnormal symptoms or distress after consuming shrimp they might have a serious allergy to shell fish so rush them to your vet right away!

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