Acetaminophen to my dog for fever pain

Can I Give My Dog Tylenol?

When it comes to medications and your pets, it is very crucial to have the vet’s approval before you ever reach for a seemingly harmless bottle of pills. While it is very excruciating to see one’s beloved pet in discomfort and pain always remember that medicines which might be suitable for humans and even babies might have adverse and very serious health impacts on dogs. So if your dog is in pain and you are wondering if Tylenol would ease their discomfort read this article very carefully!

Is Tylenol safe for Dogs? No Definitely Not!

  1. Never give your dog Tylenol. Period. Tylenol is an over the counter drug and very easily available but that doesn’t mean that it is safe, especially in the case of pets.

puppy ate tylenol

And while you might have found a lot of debate in the web world on the pros and cons of giving Tylenol to dogs let’s just remove any doubts about its usage when it comes to your pet. It is never okay to give your dog any Tylenol as it is highly toxic for them.

Tylenol Toxicity in Dogs

Tylenol is one of the commonly available over the counter medication which we use as a pain reliever but it is highly unsafe for pets including dogs. One of the main components of Tylenol is acetaminophen an analgesic or pain reliever which is extremely toxic for all animals including pet dogs and cats.

Even small amounts of acetaminophen, which is the main constituent of Tylenol can cause serious health issues in dogs. So never think that giving your dog a very small dose of this medicine will be okay and help ease their pain.

Symptoms of Poisoning From Tylenol

If you have unintentionally given your dog some Tylenol just rush your pet to the vet as soon as possible. In case you think your curious pooch has accidentally ingested some Tylenol after getting his paws on a bottle from the medicine cabinet just keep him under observation for a few hours.

Some of the key symptoms in dogs who might suffer from Tylenol poisoning include vomiting and passing of dark colored stools, lethargy and slow body movements, weakness in limbs as well as decreased appetite and a lower than unusual body temperature. If your pet exhibits any of the listed symptoms it is very important to get him to the vet for a thorough check up and treatment as Tylenol poisoning can lead to serious liver damage in dogs.

Medical Treatment for Tylenol Poisoning in Dogs  

It is very important to seek urgent medical care for your dog in the case of Tylenol poisoning. Only a vet can determine the appropriate treatment required for your pet to take him out of danger after observing and diagnosing your dog’s symptoms thoroughly. Most vets carry out a blood and urine check up to ascertain if there is any Tylenol poisoning. Medical treatment in case of definitive Tylenol poisoning might vary according to every specific case. Use of intravenous fluids and activated charcoal as well as blood transfusions is some of the ways which are used to treat dogs suffering from Tylenol toxicity.

Now that you are aware of the very serious health implications of Tylenol on dogs it should be your top priority to keep such medications completely out of their reach. Investing in a securely locked medicine cabinet may well be worth the effort because we know how persistent and nosy our pooches can get at times!

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