What can I give my dog for bad breath at home?

Bad Breath in Dogs: Causes and Treatments
Bad Breath in Dogs: Causes and Treatments

How to freshen dog’s breath?

Maintaining good dental health is important for the overall growth and development of your dog. The most important step to maintain oral health is to brush its teeth regularly and feed it good quality fresh food. If like a good dog owner you are taking all the necessary precautions then your dog must not suffer from the issue of bad breath. To know the possible steps that you can take to eliminate the bad breath of your dog you need to understand why it happens in the first place. If you notice any other symptoms, other than that of bad breath, you should consult its regular vet to make sure there’s no other major underlying issue.

What are the reasons for a dog’s bad breath?

If your dog’s teeth are not brushed properly, it will lead to periodontal disease which 80% of dogs get at/after the age of 3. When a dog eats food, the food particles mix with bacteria present in the dog’s mouth and if it is not removed by the process of brushing, those particles will stick to its teeth and will start to form plaque. After a period of time, when the plaque is not yet removed, the plaque will harden and will result in tartar build-up. When this tartar build-up starts to develop beneath the gum line it will result in periodontal disease, which will cause bad breath. There can be various underlying medical issues like diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, and gastric issues which can also result in bad/ foul breath.

How to cure bad breath issues in dogs?

There are various measures to cure bad breath:

  1. Brushing your dog’s teeth is the first step to be taken to reduce the risk of tartar buildup on your dog’s teeth. It will cure the issue of bad breath. Also, brushing your dog’s teeth regularly is good not only for the teeth and breath but also for the overall functioning of your dog’s body. There are a wide variety of dog toothbrushes available in the market, varying from rubber to wooden brushes. As a toothpaste, avoid using baking soda and don’t use human toothpaste on dogs as they are highly toxic for them.
  2. You can prepare homemade dog treats using mints and fresh ingredients. Serving homemade treats will be healthy and improve their breath. There are various vet-approved recipes to prepare homemade treats for dogs to improve their bad breath. Usually, following a recipe will not take more than 1hr, including the preparation and the process.
  3. You can serve healthy snacks to your dog, for example, frozen carrots and apple slices. Feeding it to your dog will prevent tartar and plaque build-up and will keep your dog’s teeth fresh for a long time. Also, its crunchy and cold texture will satisfy the teeth of your dog. For teething puppies, try to chop the carrot and apple into small pieces to reduce the risk of choking.
  4. You can use Apple Cider vinegar to freshen up the breath of your dog. To feed it, you can put half to one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in the water bowl of your dog and wait to see the results.
  5. You can feed probiotic-rich food to your dog to balance and maintain the healthy functioning of oral activities.
  6. You can also use coconut oil to boost the immunity of your dog and to avail properties of improving the skin order and coat and oral health. It is a well-known oil used for various purposes not only for humans but for dogs too. You can feed it to your dog by adding a little bit of it while preparing your dog’s food. If your dog is consuming it for the first time, make sure that you start with an extremely low quantity to prevent stomach upset and then gradually increase the amount of coconut oil drops.

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