Will grapefruit hurt my dog?

Is grapefruit poisonous for dogs

Can dogs eat grapefruit? (Raw or ripe)

No, dogs should not be given grapefruits to eat as they are acidic in nature and may upset the stomach of your dog. This fruit contains a compound called psoralen which is known to be toxic for canines.

Grapefruit is a citrus fruit which is spheroid in shape. It has sour, bitter or sometimes a little sweet taste. Its interior is mostly pink to red in color. Flesh of the fruit is hard. Eating grapefruit raw may cause severe stomach problems to your canine. If grapefruit is eaten ripened it will be little sweeter in taste but is not recommended being acidic in nature.

A 100 gram serving of grapefruit contains about 33 Calories.

Can Grapefruit kill dogs?

Grapefruit will not kill your dog as such if eaten in small quantity.  It may cause kidney failure in some cases when it is eaten in very large quantities.

Can I give grapefruit juice to my dog?

Small quantity of grapefruit juice may be given to your dog as grapefruit is 90% water, 1% protein and 8% carbohydrates. Its small quantity will not do any harm.

In what other forms can I give grapefruit to my dog?

Grapefruit Jam is also available in some of the countries, but it is not recommended to give it as commercial Jams contain food additives and preservatives. Though once in a while your canine may be given it spread on a toast along with butter.

What fruits can be given to dogs?

You may give banana, mango, apple, strawberries and watermelon to your pet dog. But remember to remove the inedible skin of fruits and all seeds as that will not be digested by your pet’s sensitive stomach and could cause stomach ache in the canine.

Fruits have to be given only in moderation. Large quantity of fruits may cause vomiting or diarrhea.

My pet is 3 year old, how much fruit can I give her?

The quantity of food to be given to a pet depends on its age and body structure. If your pet is lean and / or less than five years in age 100g to 200g i.e. half a bowl of fruit is enough but if your pet is heavy built or older you may give a full bowl or around 250 g of fruits.

Can I mix various fruits and give to my pet?

Initially No. Give only one fruit at a time. Whenever introducing new food in the diet of your pet give it in very small quantity and look for any reaction or allergy. If your dog likes it and there are no skin allergies or adverse effects you may gradually increase the quantity from next day onwards.

When the body of your pet is used to eating fruits, you may mix some of the fruits and feed that to your dog.

Can I mix grapefruit in the pet’s fruit diet?

No, avoid to give grapefruit as much as possible as it is acidic in nature and sour in taste. Rather sweeter fruits should be served to your pet.

The Aroma of Grapefruit

The aroma of Grapefruit is known to be used in aroma therapy. It helps relieve the mental exhaustion and tiredness. You may use grapefruit aroma in your home too so that the pets are also in calm and peaceful atmosphere.

So overall grapefruit should not be served raw. Only ripened grapefruit without seeds and after removing its skin may be served in very miniscule quantity only if you are too eager to serve your pet with the same. A small quantity of grapefruit juice or jam may also be given once in a while if your canine proves not to be allergic to grapefruit.

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  1. Yup, learned this the hard way! Dogs should not eat grapefruit. It most definitely hurts their stomach. Grapefruit is actually intolerable to some people too, believe it or not. My dog doesn’t like fruit of any kind.

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