30 Best high calorie dog treats

What can I feed my dog that is high in calories
What can I feed my dog that is high in calories?

What can I feed my dog to help her gain weight?

Before we talk about the best variety of high-calorie dog treats available in the market, it is important to know who will need them the most. Physically active dogs require more energy as compared to non-active dogs, for the high-calorie treats will serve the purpose. Alas! Those who are overweight and are physically inactive should be kept away from these high-calorie treats. Consuming 2-3 will not be a problem but overdose of it or consuming it regularly is dangerous. It will not only make them sick, but a long-term intake will also increase the risk of permanent health issues like diabetes, obesity, and other related diseases.

What are the benefits of consuming high-calorie dog food?

High-quality, high-calorie food will make a dog experience satiety on a greater level as high quality will contain appropriate ingredients that will satisfy a dog’s biological needs.

Consuming high-calorie dog food will tone the muscles of your dog as it contains a good amount of proteins, therefore, becomes a good source of amino acids which are beneficial for repairing cells. In some manner, it also helps in controlling the weight as high-quality dog food is nutritious, and serving it will reduce the consumption of other junk food that normally is consumed by a dog. After consuming a high-quality of high-calorie dog food, your dog will feel healthy and energetic the same as we do when we eat good food.

Therefore, it is important to choose the best variety of High-calorie dog treats. According to us, 30 of them are mentioned below:

1. Farm Fresh Dog Treats

Farm Fresh Dog Treats are available in a variety of flavors, they are long meaty sticks that are very soft and chewable, loaded with proteins and fats. These can be broken into small pieces and are beneficial for dogs who are younger of age. These are available in bacon, beef, and lamb varieties which are naturally high in cal and fat content making them delicious and easily likable by dogs. These treats are high in quality therefore can be served to almost all breeds of dogs. The best seller of farm-fresh treats is Canadian bacon treats which come in a white-red combination of packages.

2. Plato Thinkers:

These treats contain 90% of meat content, while preparing it fish oil is used, making it rich in healthy fats which are essential for maintaining a healthy coat of the dog.

The most common varieties of Plato Thinkers are Salmon, chicken, and duck thinkers that are easily available in the market. Due to the individual wrapping of the sticks they can be easily carried while traveling.

3. Benny Bully’s:

These treats are square and offer processed beef liver. Benny Bully’s offers 12 varieties of flavors ranging from cranberry to pumpkin to kelp flavour. As they are rich in proteins, they provide long-lasting energy. Dogs who are overweight should not consume Benny Bully’s.

4. Stella and Chewy’s wild weenies:

These treats are shaped like sausages and contain 97% meat and various organs. These are high in protein nutritious and delicious crunchy treats. The best varieties are game bird blend, Cage-free duck, red meat, grass-fed lamb recipe.

5. Miracle Vet High-Calorie Chew:

These contain 50 calories per stick and are very high in quality, making them suitable for dogs who want to gain weight.

6. Wagg Treats:

These treats contain 19% proteins and various minerals and vitamins that can be good for a dog.

7. Skipper’s Fish Skin Jerky Fingers:

There are a variety of health benefits of these treats as the main ingredient is fish, which is an excellent source of Omega oil. These are high in protein and can become a good source of energy for dogs.

8. Spot farm wild shreds:

This company is a leader in jerky treats for dogs and produces one of the premium varieties available all over the globe. This company is family-owned and with the launch of new wild shred treats they have raised the bar again. Chicken, beef, bison, duck are some of the ingredients that are used to produce these wild shreds, they are high in protein and calories, stripes in shape. These treats are an excellent snack option to fuel a dog.

9. Zukes Lil Links:

Well, its flavors are irresistible to a dog and are rich in animal proteins and veggie’s nutrients. Rabbit, chicken, duck, pork are some majorly sold flavors that are liked by almost all dog breeds. The best part is it contains nutrients from fruits and vegetables like apple, carrot etc. making it a popular choice.

10. Dogswell Jerky:

These can be classified as all-in-one treats. The specialty of this food item is that it includes ingredients like flaxseed, turmeric, etc. These ingredients help with hip-joint functions, coat, immunity, and skin.

11. Cloud Star Wag More Jerky:

If you want to provide long-term energy to your dog then this can be a good choice as it includes significant protein which will be long lasting. They are soft and can be broken into pieces easily. Ingredients like chicken, duck, and turkey make it a protein-dense treat.

12. Fruitables Whole Jerky:

These treats are high in calories and proteins. The specialty of these treats is the mixing of fruits and vegetables like apple, sweet potato with Turkey, Bacon, Duck etc. which provides a boost to dogs. These are good healthy choices if your dog likes to eat them.

13. Spunky Pup Dog Treats:

These are circular in shape and very small in size therefore to support training this can be the best choice. These will make your dog feel energized and satisfied.

These are available in various flavors like bacon, cheese, chicken etc.

14. Hare Of The Dog Rabbit Jerky:

As the name suggests it contains rabbit as the main ingredient, which provides high protein, high fats, and cal. It is suitable for those with food allergies and sensitive digestion, therefore can be picked without any fear.

15. Cocotherapy Maggie’s Macaroons:

These treats are organic and contain non-GMO ingredients. The best seller of these treats is coconut Vanilla flax and coconut apple pie. Although these treats are high in fats, if the source of the fats is healthy then a dog’s body will use it wisely.

16. Pet Feast Chicken Liver Hearts:

These are crunchy treats loaded with proteins and our hearts in shape and can be used for training purposes.

17. Kennel Kitchen:

It contains fresh regional sourced ingredients like eggs, chicken, lamb, Salman, carrot, sweet potato, tuna etc. It is high in proteins and minerals and can give your dog an energy boost.

In India, the best seller of this brand is chicken sticks.

18. Pedigree Treats:

These are made with milk and chicken and provide calcium and proteins to a dog. These can be used for training purposes.

19. Awesome Pawsome Salmon Supreme Dog Treats:

These treats are grain and gluten-free and suitable for almost all dog breeds and ages. It is rich in protein, chewable, and easy to break. Most of the trainers consider this as an ideal treat for rewarding.

20. Himalaya Dog treats:

All food products of this company are considered to be healthy for dogs. These contain natural ingredients and are beneficial for the health of a dog, due to the presence of flaxseed it is good for the skin and chicken ingredients provide good proteins making it a good healthy treat for dogs.

21. Crumps’ Naturals Sweet Potato Chews:

Sometimes your dog needs a good source of healthy carbohydrates and serving these potato chews will hit the spot. This variety is considered to be an energy quick fix, is firm but chewable, and can be easily broken into small pieces to be fed to small dogs. Serving 2-3 at a time, are more than enough for a 7-9 months dog.

22. Oven-baked traditional fillets:

These treats are a classical variety of homemade recipe-based treats which contain appropriate ingredients. These are 100% fresh chicken or tuna meat treats that are tasty and likable.

These are traveling-friendly snacks due to individual wrapping and are a good supplement of healthy proteins and cal due to the presence of chicken. Bacon-flavored chicken fillets are also offered by this company. However, the most therapeutic benefits with Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids can be provided by Tuna fillets.

23. Blue wilderness Trail Treats:

These streets are more like cookies and if your dog is a cookie monster he will like these crunchy and tasty treats. In addition, these treats are high in protein and are grain-free. This offers Omega 3 fatty acids due to the presence of flaxseed, which is very healthy for a dog.

Blue Wilderness Trail Treats are available in Duck, Turkey, and Salmon.

24. Challenge Medium Fish Skin Treats:

These have a rough texture which aids the reduction in tartar build-up on the teeth of dogs. It is good in taste and has good protein content therefore it can be considered a good high-calorie treat.

25. Acana light and fit dry dog food:

This food item is rich in proteins and good for muscle growth. It contains 340 calories per cup and various vitamins and minerals which are beneficial for a dog’s growth. This dog food is known to be a high protein, high fiber and low carbohydrate food.

26. Tails Sara’s Dog treats:

These are made with chicken, rich in proteins and are good for dogs. These treats come in four different chicken varieties and one fruit and vegetable variety. The best-seller among these 5 options is Chicken jerky with applesause. Due to the presence of apples, these treats serve as a good source of antioxidants and fiber.

27. Dogsee Chew:

These are considered small dental bars which are good for the health of the dog and are chemical-free. These cannot be cut into small pieces therefore it is advised to be served to an adult dog. Most of the pet parents who choose to serve this product to their dogs, microwave it a little to make it soft, cut it into small pieces and serve after it cools down!

Microwaving will make it twice the size, but dogs love its roasted smell and taste.

28. Dogaholic Dog Treats:

These treats are good for the oral hygiene of a dog and do not contain wheat as an ingredient. It ishard to chew therefore making it remove plaque and clean teeth. These contain natural ingredients and can be used while training.

29. Tail- Tale veg dog biscuits:

These are rich in proteins and calcium and are best for adult dogs. If your dog likes the taste of sweet potatoes then he will love these treats. These treats have various health benefits, it provides an appropriate amount of nutrients to dogs.

30. Chewers Oven Baked Real Banana and Milk Dog Biscuits:

These biscuits are loaded with proteins, calcium, vitamins, Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and various other ingredients which are good for the development of a dog’s body. They use fresh butter as the first ingredient which boosts immunity. You should consider serving these treats while choosing the best suitable options for your dog.

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