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Baby Aspirin for dog

Can Dogs Have Baby Aspirin?

If your beloved doggie is suffering from painful symptoms it can be a very heart wrenching experience for you. And while you might be desperate to help your pet feel better always remember that self medication can be very harmful to your dog. And that can include something as seemingly harmless as baby aspirin as well. Which brings us to the main topic of this article – is it safe to give your dog baby aspirin? Read on to know the answer.

Yes It Is Okay to Give Your Dog Baby Aspirin  

Yes you can give your dog Baby Aspirin. But before you reach for the bottle it is very important to understand some key points for the sake of your pet’s health.

Baby Aspirin for dog fever, Joint pain, arthritis

Giving your dog Baby Aspirin to alleviate pain is a safe option, provided it is given in the proper dosage. The amount of Baby Aspirin that you give your pet is very crucial as overdosing can cause some very serious health problems in your pet. And if you are wondering how a medicine that is safe for little babies can pose a health hazard to a dog you will be surprised to know that most human medications are unfit and toxic to canines.

Correct Baby Aspirin Dosage For Dogs

If you are giving your dog Baby Aspirin in order to lessen their pain it is very important to seek the prior approval of your vet in the first place. As a general guideline the dosage amount of any medication will vary according to the weight and the age of your pet. Most vets recommend 5-10 mg of Aspirin for every pound of a dog’s weight.

You must also remember that the required dosage of Aspirin should not be repeated before twelve hours of the previous dose. You can administer safe dosage amounts of baby aspirin to your pet for five days in continuation and no more. But before starting the medication make sure to seek the advice of your vet for sure as they should have the final say in determining the right dosage for your pet.

Side Effects of Baby Aspirin In Dogs

If you follow the instructions of your vet correctly and stick to the right dosage of baby aspirin, your pet should be fine. But it is still important to keep your dog under close observation while they are under medication. So look out for unusual symptoms and behavior as Baby Aspirin can also cause side effects. If your pet starts passing dark colored or loose stools or exhibits vomiting, weakness and lethargy as well as a loss of appetite you should take them to the vet immediately.

Buffered Aspirins Are A Better Option

Most dogs respond well to Baby Aspirins without suffering from any side effects, provided they are medicated with the right doses. But buffered aspirins are nowadays considered safer and more effective for dogs in dealing with pain management.  Buffered aspirins are basically aspirins which are coated with calcium carbonate to avoid excessive acid formation in the digestive system while helping in pain relief. So if your pet has a history of ulcers or a weak stomach it is best to take your vet’s opinion and opt for the buffered variety of aspirins.

To sum it up, it is okay to treat your dog’s pain with the help of baby aspirin. But sticking to the right dosage as prescribed by your vet and keeping a close watch on your pet for any signs of side effects is extremely crucial for their safety and well being.

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  1. Most vets recommend 5-10 mg of Aspirin for every pound of a dog’s weight. (NOT CORRECT) *** Vets recommend 1 tablet 5-10 mg of Aspirin for every 10 lbs. of a dog’s weight. (CORRECT DOSE)

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