Are essential oils safe for dogs skin or to smell?

What essential oils are safe to diffuse around dogs
What essential oils are safe to diffuse around dogs

Not all, some essential oils used as a fragrance to calm dogs are safe and some essential oils like pine, camphor, wintergreen and citrus etc. can be irritating or toxic if swallowed or spread on the skin of dogs.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are liquids extracted from various parts of plants like fruit, bark, leaves, seeds, flower, roots etc. The extraction process is either distillation (steaming) or cold pressing.

How are essential oils made?

In distillation process, the plants parts are put into a vessel or a special distillation apparatus with water and are subsequently heated. The steam vapors coming out of the process are condensed into liquid and stored. Later this liquid is sold as it is or mixed with some other carrier oils to form a concentrate.

In cold pressing, the plant parts like almonds, cloves, cinnamon, coconut etc. are put into a special pressing or oil extracting machine. The material is churned in the machine which results in extraction of oil separately in a container from one part of machine and leaving behind left over dry plant material in upper part of machine. This left over dry part is later given in some cases as feed to animals.

Can dogs be given dry plant part after extraction of essential oils?

Only dry part of almond after extraction of oil can be given to your dogs, that also only if mixed in milk in very small quantity. Dry wastes of other essential oils may be toxic for dogs.

What essential oils are good to calm dogs?

Lavender, Chamomile and rose are the essential oils which are mostly used to calm dogs and humans alike.

How are essential oils applied onto dogs?

The essential oils can be diffused in home using diffusers or put into hands and applied onto dog skin by caressing them while grooming.

How do dogs get panic, anxiety or stress?

Dogs can be affected by mental disorders like stress, panic and anxiety due to separation, illness, traveling, fireworks etc. The symptoms are loss of appetite, restlessness, erratic behavior, shortness of breath etc. If the problem is severe you must contact your vet immediately, otherwise you may try to calm the atmosphere of home by using some essential oils.

How essential oils work to calm the mind?                    

The aroma of essential oils is absorbed by nerves in the nostrils and is transmitted to the brain where it affects the emotional center of brain, amygdala which results in calmness of mind and body.

Essential oils are good to calm dogs

What is a natural sedative for dogs to calm down?

How do dogs smell better than humans?

The olfactory receptors are 40 to 50 times more in the case of dogs, approximately 300 million in dogs as compared to approximately 50 million in humans. Thus dogs have high smelling sense and this strength of dog is used by Police / Crime branch to solve cases and identify, trace & catch criminals. The aromatherapy also works better in dogs due to similar reason.

Animal aroma therapists suggest not using essential oils in pets younger than 3 months.

What scents relax dogs?

Lavender and chamomile scent is considered to relax the dogs most. Certain aroma therapeutic plants like lavender, jasmine and rosemary if planted near their favorite area of play will also help them in getting calm.

To conclude, essential oils like lavender form a part of aromatherapy which may be used for dogs in case of depression, anxiety or stress. The essential oils can be diffused in the air at home using electrical or candle light diffusers which help in creating a pleasant atmosphere of happiness and tranquility at home for dogs and humans alike. There will be more positive energy in your home and your pet will be enchanted by the aroma of essential oils in your house Thus some essential oils used for aromatherapy of dogs are safe.

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