can dogs eat tums for upset stomach

Can I Give My Dog Tums?

Does your doggie have an upset tummy and you are wondering if giving Tums would ease their discomfort? It is understandable that most of us feel very concerned every time our beloved pet is feeling out of sorts. But before we try to help our dogs with any medication it is very important to understand that medicines which are safe for humans might not be beneficial or suitable for animals specially dogs.

So can Tums be effective for your dog and more importantly is it safe to give your pet Tums?

Yes But Tums Is Not the Best Option

can dogs eat tums for upset stomach

That’s right giving your dog Tums is not the healthiest option for your pet. Let’s try to understand why. Tums is composed of calcium carbonate and added sugars. Calcium carbonate helps cure heartburn and stomach aches in humans by reducing the excessive acid formation in our digestive tracts. But when it comes to dogs, their digestive systems are very different from us and that is why Tums might not be as effective for them.

In fact most vets advise dog owners to give their pets just some time to recoup from their upset stomach or tummy ache as waiting out for a while is always a better option that immediate medication.  This makes a lot of sense as mild digestive issues in dogs are known to heal by themselves. And in case your pet is suffering from recurring bouts of tummy aches and loose stool you should never self medicate with Tums or any other antacid in the first place!

Tums as a Calcium Supplement for Dog?

Now that we have covered the unsuitability of giving Tums to dogs for healing their digestive problems let us address another widely prevalent use of Tums.  Yes, Tums is also used as a calcium supplement by a large number well meaning dog owners.

And if you are wondering if that’s a good idea it is definitely not!  Firstly a dose or two of Tums is not toxic for dogs but it is clearly not safe to give your pet Tums as a calcium supplement on a regular basis. Dogs absorb calcium and other nutrients much more efficiently from their food intake rather than calcium supplements. Therefore regular medication of Tums can do more harm than good in dogs by causing constipation as well as serious health issues due to their added sugar content.

Better Alternatives than Tums for Dogs

If your dog is suffering from digestive issues the best option is to seek the opinion and the medical care of the vet. Focusing on a well balanced diet for your doggie is of utmost importance and goes a long way in keeping tummy problems at bay. There are always some natural alternatives available like pumpkin puree and boiled meats like chicken to help your pet heal their upset tummy. Intermittent fasting and serving your pet small portions of food will put less stress on their digestive systems as well.

All in all, when it comes to dogs, self medication is a big no which includes Tums. So seek your vet’s opinion whenever your pet is suffering from health problems. While mild stomach issues are known to heal by themselves in dogs reoccurring bouts of loose stools and stomach aches need urgent veterinary care. Always remember that reaching for options like Tums as a quick medication or a calcium supplement for your dog might do more harm than good to your beloved pet!

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