Can a dog eat kielbasa?

dog sick after eating sausage

Is Polish sausage “Kiekbasa” safe for dogs?

Yes, a dog can eat kielbasa but it is not advised for dogs. Kielbasa is generally smoked and prepared using garlic, onion and salt which are toxic to dogs so you should avoid giving kielbasa to your dog. Also it contains unhealthy levels of fat for canines. In case your dog has eaten kielbasa by mistake in very small quantity there is no need to worry but try to keep this sausage out of reach of your dear canine.

Will my dog get sick after eating sausage?

What is kielbasa?

Kielbasa is a kind of polish sausage of pork and beef mainly made in Poland and neighboring countries and is exported all over the world. Its preparation is done using garlic, onion and other condiments. It is generally smoked, boiled or grilled. Extra salt and other condiments are added in its preparation to increase the taste. It is one of the most revered dish in polish weddings.

How is kielbasa prepared?

Kielbasa is prepared mainly from pork and beef either separately each or both used in combination also. It is generally smoked and grilled to give it a unique taste. Garlic is sparingly used in its preparation .

What are the varieties of kielbasa?

There are around 10 or more varieties of kielbasa popular in the world. The main varieties are:

Mysliwska: It is basically a dried pork sausage after smoking it deftly. If prepared without salt, garlic and onion this variety may be given in very miniscule quantity to your pet.

Krakowska:  It is a straight and thick pork sausage smoked with garlic and pepper. As it contains garlic and pepper it is harmful for your pet.

Kabanos: It is one of the most popular kielbasa sausage. It is air dried and seeds of caraway are added in it. This variety may be given to your pet only if the harmful condiments are not used in it.

Odesskie: This variety of kielbasa is made using beef. Beef prepared using other methods is a dog food but as a kielbasa sausage with garlic etc. contained in it is a complete ‘No’ for your pet.

Wedzona: This is polish kielbasa sausage mainly used in soups. This variety of kielbasa cannot be given to dogs as it is also prepared using garlic and salt for getting a extra taste in soups.

Biala: This sausage is used in soups and mostly sold uncooked. This uncooked sausage may be boiled or steamed and could be given to your dog in very small quantity. After boiling and steaming any harmful ingredients in the sausage are washed away.

Wiejska:  It is a U shaped kielbasa sausage mainly used in rural or village side of Polish areas. It is prepared using garlic and marjoram and thus is harmful for your pet.

Kaszanka: Also called kiszka, it is a blood kielbasa sausage and is extremely harmful for your canine due to its preparation method.

If your pet has eaten kielbasa in small quantity try to watch its symptoms. If your pet has diarrhea or any respiratory symptoms contact your vet immediately. In case your dog is normal for 3-4 hours after eating it then there is no need to worry. Try to keep kielbasa out of reach of your dear pet. Kielbasa is mostly recommended only for human consumption due to its preparation method and ingredients.

So you should not give kielbasa to your favorite furry friend as the condiments it contains may turn out to be toxic for your dog. Instead you may serve your pet with cooked or boiled pork or beef separately each. Always be extra careful of what to serve or what not to serve to your dog. A little carelessness may cost you time, money or even life of your dearest pet.

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