Can dogs drink pasteurized goat milk? (Best Advise Here)

Meyenberg's goat milk for dogs
Meyenberg's goat milk for dogs

Is goat milk safe for dogs?

Well, since goat milk is known to be a non-detrimental product for dog consumption and offers a lot of nutritional value, the answer to this question is YES. It is highly recommended that this milk should be included in your dog’s diet as it is healthy and has excellent digestive properties. Because of its nutritional content, it will only take 20 minutes for your pooch to digest it completely thus, making it safe for those with lactose intolerance. This milk is greatly loaded with probiotics that help your dog’s digestive tract and increases the population of good bacteria inside their tummy. Further, experts suggest that raw goat’s milk is favorable than the pasteurized ones since the latter is not good for those lactose intolerant dogs. 

What is goat’s milk?

Goat’s milk is a dairy mammalian milk that has a low sugar level and is a good source of protein. People who are allergic to cow’s milk and have lactose sensitivity often choose this as their alternative. Thus, dogs with lactose intolerance can safely drink this as it contains beneficial properties that help wipe bad bacteria inside your canine’s digestive organ but with proper regulation.

Is goat milk bad for my puppies?

Unlike other dairy products, goat milk contains a low level of lactose (sugar in milk) in which most people with lactose intolerance prefer. Hence, if fed to dogs, will generally have the same effect. However, too much intake might result in some side effects such as bloating, vomiting, cramps, and sometimes causes inflammation. Thus, although it’s safe for dog consumption, there is still a need to monitor how much goat milk should your dog take.

What happens when my dog drinks goat milk everyday?

Basically, your dog’s tummy will be glad once fed with goat milk as it helps support digestion and is loaded with probiotics that improve the absorption of nutrients. It also aids in filtering toxins, boosts the immune system, and increases good bacteria inside your dog’s digestive tract. Nevertheless, since goat milk consists saturated fats, your dog might just gain additional weight if consumed regularly. 

What nutrients can goat milk give to my dog?

Aside from probiotics that help improve nutrient absorption, a goat’s milk also contains minerals, enzymes, protein, fatty acids, vitamins, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, and selenium that are good for your canine pups especially that all these nutrients are present in its natural form. Therefore, feeding your dog with goat milk is nutritious and recommendable as it is beneficial for their health but should be taken with enough regulation to prevent any complications.

is goat milk healthy for dogs
Is goat milk healthy for dogs?

Is goat milk good for my lactose intolerant dog?

Dogs with lactose intolerance will have a hard time digesting milk because most milk that is commercially sold already went through a pasteurization process. This process removes lactase enzymes which are the ones responsible for lactose digestion. Thus, raw goat’s milk is best advised for dog consumption rather than the pasteurized milk, especially for lactose intolerant dogs.

Can goat milk aid my dog’s illnesses? 

It is known that goat milk can prevent a number of health conditions such as gastrointestinal disease, kidney disease, diarrhea, urinary tract problems, and liver diseases. It also helps in improving sensitivity to insulin which can prevent diabetes. Moreover, a goat’s milk provides enzymes that help reduce inflammation thus, relieving any discomforts that your dog suffers. Other than that, it is also ideal to give this milk to dogs with environmental and food allergies. Goat milk’s nutritional content prevents severe health conditions as well like anemia, malabsorption, and iron deficiency in bone.  

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