Can dogs eat beef stew?

Can dogs have beef cubes?
Can dogs have beef cubes?

Is homemade beef stew good for dogs?

Yes, dogs can eat beef stew. Beef stew is healthy for your dog if made in the correct way without any toxic or harmful ingredients for your dog like the addition of a lot of spices.

Are there any benefits of beef stew for my dog?

Yes, there are many benefits of beef stew for your dog. The beef in Beef stew is a good source of protein and fat while the veggies provide minerals, nutrients, and antioxidants. And your dog also gets to taste something new from its usual diet.

What are the precautions to be taken if I decide to feed beef stew to my dog?

You should take care that you feed beef stew occasionally, don’t make it a habit else your dog may have a chance of becoming obese. The preparation process should be monitored and the usual ingredients like onion, garlic, a lot of salt, and spices should be avoided as they’re toxic to dogs. 

What can I cook for my dog to lose weight
What can I cook for my dog to lose weight? Vegetable stew and once or twice a week -Beef stew

How do you cook beef cubes for dogs?

There are various recipes for cooking beef for your dog. And here is just a simple one. The ingredients needed would be beef, vegetable oil, and vegetables like potato, carrot, green peas, green beans, yellow squash, celery sticks, or zucchini. The variety of vegetables is your choice. 

The steps to cook beef:

  • Wash and then Peel the vegetables that have skin on them like potatoes, carrots, Zucchini etc. And then cut them into small pieces along with the celery sticks, so that it’ll be easy for your dog to eat and digest.
  • Then put the beef in the pan, or pot and cook it with a low amount of oil as possible. Oils that can be used are fish oil/ olive oil/ flaxseed oil. Cook the beef until it’s brownish in color. The time would vary depending on your flame.
  • Rinse the beef with as much oil as possible and then along with the veggies put it up for crockpot along with water.
  • It’s your choice whether to cook it on high or low flame. If you’re choosing the high flame, cook on high for the first hour and then set to low/ medium.
  • Keep the flame on until the beef is tender, this may take some time so be patient. And once it’s ready, wait for it to cool down and serve it to your dog. Don’t add any seasonings or spices on top.

Can dogs eat stew with onions?

No, dogs cannot eat stew with onions as onions are toxic to dogs. Onions contain N-propyl disulfide which can lead to anemia in dogs due to the breakdown of red blood cells in the dog’s bloodstream. Some symptoms of eating onions in dogs are weakness, low energy, lethargy, reddish urine, decreased eating, fainting, and pale gums. Therefore you should avoid adding onions to the stew.


Beef stew can be a good food option for your dog. In addition to being healthy for your dog, it is also quite affordable to make. But it is not for everyday eating, it can be given as a treat because regular eating can cause obesity. You should take precautions while preparing beef stew for your dog. The precautions can be as basic as checking the quality of beef and to avoid adding any harmful substances like onion, seasonings, spices which can be toxic to your dog. Also, try giving a little bit of beef stew at first if your dog has never eaten it to check if he/ she is comfortable with the dish. Beef stew is surely a nice treat for your dog. 

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