Can dogs eat bell peppers?

are bell pepper plants toxic to dogs

Are Bell peppers (Red, Green or Yellow) OK for dogs to eat?

Dogs enjoy a variety of foods, so can I give my dog bell peppers? Undoubtedly, they can be given almost all types of vegetables to eat including Bell Peppers. Bell peppers come in different colors including red, yellow and green. Red bell peppers are the healthiest for your dogs because they contain most amounts of Vitamins and Minerals in them.

How much quantity of bell peppers can I give my dog per day?

Everything should be eaten in moderation and that holds true for humans as well as animals. Too much quantity of bell pepper would not be beneficial for your dog.  Give your dog a small quantity like 50g or one or two small pieces of this vegetable.

Can I give my dog dishes prepared with bell peppers?

Of course, you may give any dish made with bell peppers in small quantity but it should not be too spicy otherwise the dog could get irritable. Dishes prepared with tomato and bell pepper with cheese and sauce could be a good option. First give only a very small portion of the vegetable dish as a tester. If the dog likes it you may give little more portion of the same preparation.

Is the Bell Pepper Healthy Option for dog?

Clearly, bell pepper is a healthy option as it contains Vitamin C, Beta- Carotene and fiber. All colored vegetables contain lot of nutrients. You must give different colored bell peppers to your dear dog as each different color has its own benefit. The nutritional value of vegetables especially bell peppers is quite good. Your lovely dog will get healthier with regular diet of this vegetable.

How often can I give Bell Pepper to my dog?

You may give bell pepper to your dog twice a week, either cooked or raw. Dog will love the smell and aroma of dishes prepared out of it. Don’t attempt to give bell pepper daily as your dog will get bored with this vegetable as we humans do.

Can Bell Pepper be given in combination with other vegetables?

Bell Pepper should be given in combination with other vegetables as it will increase the taste of the meal. Bell Pepper can be given with potato, tomato, cucumber, carrots etc. as a salad or a dish can be prepared out of it with other vegetables or meat. Your dog will relish the taste of the bell peppers.

Which colored Bell Pepper is best for my dog?

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The yellow and red bell peppers are sweeter in taste than green one. So red one is best for your dog and yellow colored bell pepper comes next. Green colored bell pepper which is slightly bitter in taste is mostly used in combination with other vegetables.

Word of Caution while feeding bell peppers to dogs

Don’t feed the stem and seeds of bell peppers to dogs as they will not be able to digest it. Also these parts do not contain much nutrients. So better is to remove these parts and serve it in pieces rather than giving the complete piece of one bell pepper to your dog.

Is it cheaper to feed your dog human food?

The Red and yellow colored bell peppers are costlier than the green one as it takes more time for the red and yellow colored bell pepper crop to mature.

So summing it up, you can give around 50g of bell pepper twice a week to your faithful dog. You may give them raw or cooked. It is definitely a healthy option. Keep bell peppers at a prominent place in your vegetable purchase to do list. If you are missing it you will be losing onto some healthy ingredients for your dog. Enjoy feeding your dog with this wonderful vegetable!

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  1. My dog cannot eat bell peppers. I think he has a nightshade allergy or something. I don’t know how I feel about giving any pet nightshades to be honest. I guess if the dog can tolerate it, it’s okay. But I am unsure if the vitamin C content is any benefit anyway because don’t dogs create their own vitamin C, unlike us humans?

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