Can dogs eat Cheerios?

Is Cheerios good for dogs to eat
Is Cheerios good for dogs to eat

Can I use multigrain Honey Nut Cheerios as dog treats?

Yes, dogs can eat cheerios but it is not nutritious and is just a filler diet. Dogs need high energy intakes and they may be served dog food, milk, bread, toasts or vegetables. Cheerios may be a healthy diet for humans but for the pets it is not a healthy alternative.

What is cheerios?

Cheerios is basically an oat cereal of a United States brand from General Mills which is a solid snack and shaped like a playing ring but small in size. Two varieties of cheerios that are common are honey nut cheerios and the other one cinnamon nut cheerios. Other varieties of cheerios available in the market are multigrain cheerios, apple cinnamon, yogurt burst, chocolate, strawberry, blueberry, pumpkin spice, peach, ancient grain, fruity, frosted etc.

In 2015 General Mills announced that it would produce gluten free cheerios which will be free of barley, rye or wheat. The company also announced that it will stop using genetically modified ingredients in the manufacturing of cheerios in all their units.

The company had advertised that cheerios lower the bad cholesterol level but it still needs to be proven.

What are the nutrients in cheerios?

Cheerios does not contain any nutrients. It is basically empty calories given to dog when you have nothing worthwhile to serve your dog at some remote place that you are visiting with your dear canine. More useful cereal for your dog can be bran flakes which is a healthy diet.

What are the benefits of giving cheerios to dog?

Nutrition wise there is not much benefit of giving cheerios to your dog. But as a filler when you do not have a dog meal nearby it will be beneficial to satisfy the hunger pangs of your dear furry friend.

are cheerios good training treats for dogs
Are cheerios good training treats for dogs?

How much cheerios can I give my dog?

You may give about 100 grams to 150 grams of cheerios to your dear pet in a single serving as a treat while training your dog. Your dog will like its crunchy and low sugar taste. You may also sprinkle about 20 grams to 30 grams of cheerios on a dog meal if you are too keen to treat your dog with this oat meal.

If you see that your pet is gaining weight due to regular intake of cheerios, immediately cut down its quantity from your dog’s meal.

Is Cheerios toxic for my dog?

No, cheerios is not toxic for your dog as it is made of oats which is a cereal. It can be toxic if eaten by your dear pet in large quantity. Some varieties of cheerios like chocolate and strawberry may contain lot of sugar which may prove to be toxic or not so good for your pet in long run.

What will happen if my dog has eaten too much of cheerios by mistake?

Anything eaten in excess can become toxic for pets as well as humans alike. If your dog has eaten a full packet of cheerios without your awareness it may show symptoms of bloating, gas, diarrhoea, vomiting or restlessness. When your pet looks serious immediately rush to your vet. Some other symptoms of excessive eating of cheerios are shortness of breath and your dog feeling thirsty. Immediately give water to your dog and take it to a clean and cool place. Some other symptoms of cheerios affecting pets are the Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) for which any corn, oats and wheat content has to be removed from dog’s diet.

Thus, you may serve cheerios to your dear pet if you have nothing else nutritious to give to your dog at the time when your dog is hungry. Cheerios is just a general diet for your pet, for the health benefit of your dog you must concentrate on primary dog meals like meat and recommended fruits and vegetables.

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