Can dogs eat Cheez-It?

Can I give my dog cheese-flavored crackers

Can I feed my dog Cheez-It crackers?

Yes, dogs can eat cheez-its but in small quantity only occasionally as a treat. Cheez-it’s are cheese crackers of approximate size of 2.6 cm x 2.6 cm (or 1 inch by 1 inch) which are made using wheat flour, cheese prepared from skimmed milk, vegetable oils, spices, yeast, artificial flavors and preservatives. Since it is a processed food it should be consumed seldom.

What is cheez-its? How is it made?

The Cheez-Its which were first introduced in 1921 by an Ohio, USA based company is now a particular brand of the snack cheese crackers of Kellogg’s Company of United States.  They are manufactured in the Sunshine division of Kellogg’s factory.

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Process to make Cheez-It is that a mixture of all the ingredients in requisite quantities are made in big machines. The mixture is left to mature with yeast for a certain period. Once the mixture is ready to be baked, it is sent in machines which make very small dough pieces of uniform size and they are finally baked at a certain temperature till a desired color of these cheese crackers is achieved. Finally they are packed using machines with least human intervention.

What are the nutritional content of Cheez-It’s?

Cheez-It’s contain wheat flour, vegetable oil, paprika, yeast, soy etc. Its 30 grams serving contains 150 calories. Various nutrients in it are 8 grams of fat, more than 200 milligrams of sodium, 17 grams of carbohydrates, one gram of fiber and three grams of protein.

What are the different flavors of Cheez-It available in the market?

Cheez-It comes in more than twenty flavors. Major flavors of Cheez-It are Mozzarella, Chilly Cheese, Smoked Cheddar, Cream and Onion flavor, Hot & Spicy flavor, Nacho, Romano, Barbecue, Parmesan and Garlic etc.

How much quantity of cheez-its can I give my dog?

You may give about 50 grams of Cheez-It that too not more than once a month. Excess of cheez-its will increase the salt and oil content in the body of your dog which may prove to be poisonous or hazardous if eaten in large quantity frequently.

What are the harmful effects of cheez-its when eaten in large quantity?

Ifcheez-it is eaten by your pet too often it may result in making your dear pet sick. The dog may develop symptoms like respiratory disorders, lethargy (due to oil content in cheese crackers), constipation etc. If your dog has eaten a full packet of cheez-its it can be a serious issue and your pet may have nausea or may vomit. You will have to immediately rush to a vet if you see an empty packet of cheez-it near your dog and your dear pet buddy is vomiting or breathing heavily.

If you will give flavored Cheez-It like chilly Cheez-It or Cream and Onion flavor by mistake, your dog may develop the symptoms which are associated with chilly products or onion when given to dogs. The pet may develop symptoms like abdominal pain, burning while doing stool, diarrhea or gas. Spicy variety of Cheez-It may make your dog extremely thirsty and it may vomit.

The onion flavor of Cheez-It may result in anemia in your dear dog as onion contains an N-Propyl sulphide toxin which breaks down the RBC in the blood of your dog.

The Garlic flavor of Cheez-It will also be very harmful for your dog as it will carry all ill-effects associated with the garlic to dogs. Garlic is known to cause anemia like onions, also excess of garlic results in drooling, abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea like symptoms.

Thus Cheese crackers of any brand like Cheez-It fall into the category of processed foods and contain salt, spices and oil so are not a healthy treat for your dog. They can be given sometimes to your dog as a treat for special occasions only but remember to give very simple flavor which is not hot & spicy or contains onion, chilly or garlic. Try to keep your pet buddy away from processed food or snacks as far as possible.

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