Can dogs eat dumor horse treats?

Dumor Baker's Bites for dogs

Can dogs eat horse treats?

Yes, dogs can eat dumor horse treats but in smaller dosage. Dog’s digestive system is different from a horse. Therefore, a dog can’t survive on horse treats as its main food source. Horses are herbivores (animals who eat vegetarian food i.e. plant based food products) and their treats do not contain any non vegetarian ingredients for example: rice, soya, beet pulp and flaxseed meal etc.

As we know dogs need more nutrition for maintenance of their coat and health. Well, horse treats do not contain much nutrition and therefore, should always be treated as occasional treats.

What is a Dumor horse treat?

Dumor is a food manufacturing company which has a variety of products, majorly available in the USA. It manufactures treats for Equine and Horses. A normal treat size is 1X1X25 in. It is advised by the company itself, not to overfeed it’s products to horses and equine as it can cause health issues. It goes for dogs as well, there are a variety of treats available in the market which are especially made for dogs and can prove to be healthy for them. If you really want to feed dumor horse treats then make sure you feed only a few treats at a time and occasionally.

What are the ingredients used in Dumor horse treats?

Dumor horse treats contain vegetarian ingredients only such as; Wheat flour, vegetable oil, wheat middling’s, honey, yeast culture, oats, salt, sugar, natural apple flavor and applesauce which are good for horses, equine and sometimes dogs as well.

What is the nutritional content in Dumor horse treats?

Well, according to an analysis done by TSC, Dumor contains: Crude Protein11.0%, Crude Fat 3.5%, Crude Fiber 5.0%, Acid Detergent Fiber 8.0%, Neutral Detergent Fiber 15.0%, Calcium (min.): 0.01%, Calcium 0.5%, Phosphorus 0.2% Sodium 0.3%, Sodium 0.8%, Copper 2 ppm, Selenium 0.1 ppm and Zinc 15 ppm.

The Samoyed loves horse treats
This Samoyed loves horse treats

What if my dog ate a large amount of Dumor horse treats?

It is advised to feed your dog, not just dumor horse treats but any kind of horse treats in a limited quantity. In case your dog ate in large quantities, notice if it’s behaving differently and consult its regular veterinarian. It won’t be deadly but dogs that have health issues might face difficulties.

What precautions can we take while feeding Dumor horse treats?

Do not feed in large quantities; always try to make it an occasional treat. Try to feed him/her food/ treats especially made for dogs. If your dog has health complications, try to feed 2-3 at a time. Check for any allergic ingredients which can prove to be harmful for dogs. It is generally advised to check for ingredients before feeding anything to your dog. As a responsible caretaker you should make sure your dog eats healthy and nutritious food.

What does the veterinarian say about Dumor horse treats?

Usually all horse treats contain a good amount of copper and if your dog has copper storage disease, it can be really harmful for him/her. In some cases dumor horse treats can lead to serious diseases. Otherwise horse treats do not contain any other harmful ingredients which can cause health troubles.

Therefore, Dumor horse treats are not harmful for the health of a dog, but only if you feed it occasionally. Any horse treat should not be treated as a full time meal or as a daily meal as it can create health issues and also nutritional deficiency if it is replaced with a good nutritional diet. Horse treats contain a good amount of copper; therefore dogs who have copper storage disease should avoid eating any horse treats.

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