Can dogs eat french white sauce – bechamel sauce?

Can dogs eat french white sauce - bechamel sauce
Can dogs eat french white sauce - bechamel sauce?

Are dogs safe to eat bechamel sauce?

This type of sauce is not recommended and should be avoided at all costs. Bechamel sauce is high in fat and usually contains many ingredients that are not beneficial to the dog’s health and may even be detrimental. Any sauce contains toxic ingredients for dogs since it is prepared with spices and herbs. Yet it is essential in certain dishes, such as lasagna, because it can add more taste and flavor to the main dish. However, just because it is delicious for humans doesn’t mean it is for dogs as well. That is why it is important to be wary of any food that your dog consumes to prevent health complications.

What is a bechamel sauce?

Bechamel sauce or sometimes called white sauce is one of the classic French mothers of sauces that form the basis of many French cuisines. White sauce is probably the most common sauce used by home cooks which serve as the backbone of most baked macaroni and cheese recipes as well as sausage sauces. It is also the secret to making real creamy stews and baking, especially if you don’t want to add large pieces of cheese. When you want a creamy texture and luxurious silkiness in a baking pan, thicken this quick and simple milk sauce with flour and you will surely have that creamy taste you crave.

What is bechamel sauce made of?

Bechamel sauce is made up of milk, butter, flour, and seasonings like salt and pepper. Sometimes, herbs and spices like nutmeg are added for a level-up in terms of taste and texture. Although it’s tasty, the above-mentioned ingredients are all dangerous to dogs. Therefore, feeding your dogs with this kind of sauce will most likely cause problems that may result in severe health conditions.

What does bechamel sauce contain that isn’t good for dog consumption?

The flour isn’t always good for dogs because it is a potential allergen for them. Owners must make sure that their dogs are not allergic to it since most staple products found at home are made from flour. Even butter can make dogs sick because it is high in fat. Some dogs also have trouble digesting lactose that is why foods with dairy products may cause them harm. In most cases, nutmeg is added to a bechamel sauce mixture. Nutmeg is a hallucinogen so consuming it in large amounts can be a terrifying experience for your dog. Too much nutmeg can cause symptoms such as disorientation, increased heart rate, dehydration, high blood pressure, and seizures. Lastly, excessive salt for dogs means poisoning. This happens when plasma sodium levels reach to cause symptoms of hypernatremia.

What are the harmful effects if my dog ate bechamel sauce?

As stated above, bechamel sauce may contain nutmeg. Dogs ingesting that kind of spice can cause nausea, dehydration, and general aches and pains. The most serious side effects upon consumption are tremors, seizures, and convulsions. Again, if the toxicity is high enough, death is also possible. Thus, as a dog owner, you must be vigilant at all times. Moreover, flour may cause allergies to your dogs that may lead to skin rashes and irritations. Lastly, this type of sauce contains a high level of salt which may result in sodium poisoning that can trigger dehydration and pancreatitis in dogs.

If my dog ingested bechamel sauce, what should I do?

If your dog accidentally consumed bechamel sauce, you should first move the said food out of your dog’s reach and try to determine how much it ate and when did it exactly eat. After that, you must then seek professional help and contact your veterinarian right away then provide him/her the accurate information for a proper medication.

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