Can dogs eat kiwi?

Can Kiwi kill dogs?
What happens if a dog eats kiwi seeds?

The answer is yes, dogs can eat kiwi. Kiwi is a delicious fruit grown in the hills. Almost 50% of the World production is in China mainland and nowadays supplied all over the world in plains as well. The other major producers of kiwi fruit are New Zealand, Chile, Iran and Italy.

What is the nutritional value of kiwi fruit?

 A 100 g serving of kiwi fruit has around 60 calories of nutrition value with 15% carbohydrates and almost 83% water. It is rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin K and has little contents of Vitamin E too. So it will be quite nutritious for your pet.

Can dogs eat kiwi seeds?

Dogs can eat kiwi seeds as they are very small black seeds which are easily edible. The kiwi with its seeds aids in digestion and is mostly eaten after lunch or dinner.

Can dogs eat kiwi skin?

Kiwi fruit has a light brown hairy skin which is edible. Dogs can eat kiwi skin, in fact, some dogs like kiwi skin very much as it has a sour taste and some dogs may not like it. You must wash the kiwi fruit thoroughly so that the skin becomes usable. Whether you are giving kiwi fruit  with skin or without to your ferry friend do not forget to cut it in pieces otherwise dog may  try to swallow the whole fruit and it may get stuck in its throat.

Can we give kiwi fruit juice to dogs?

Yes, you may give kiwi fruit juice to your dogs and you may also mix aloe vera juice in it. The combination of aloe vera juice and kiwi will make it more nutritious but only a small amount of aloe vera juice should be added in this according to the taste of your dog.

How often can I give kiwi to dogs?

Kiwi should be given occasionally, say once or twice a week. It should not be given daily as it has laxative effect and can upset the stomach of your pet dog.

What are the types of kiwi that can be given to dogs?

The kiwi are generally two types, green and golden in color. The green one is not yet ripened whereas golden one is ripened and soft to eat. So both are equally good and can be given to dogs. The green one has a little sour taste and yellow one is sweeter so you may choose according to the likeness of your dog.

Is Kiwi too costly?

Nowadays due to world wide availability of kiwi fruit, marketing and general awareness about this fruit, it is not so costly and its price has decreased in recent past. Since you can give this fruit quite often to your pet baby you may purchase it in bulk and store in refrigerator.

Can we cook kiwi?

Kiwi is a fruit and mostly meant not to be cooked as then it can retain its Vitamin C content. Every fruit should be eaten alone so when you are giving kiwi fruit to your pet do not give any other thing at the same time. After a gap of say, fifteen minutes to half an hour only you may give any other thing to your pup.

Is green kiwi good for dog? How to ripen a green kiwi fruit?

Green kiwi is equally good for dog as compared to a yellow kiwi but ripened fruit will taste sweeter and better so green kiwi should be ripened first. Now how to ripen the kiwi? Store the kiwi fruits in a paper bag at a normal room temperature along with pear, apple or banana to ripen faster. Avoid direct sunlight as that is not good for this fruit.

So kiwi fruit is a good choice of fruit to be given to your pet dog, you may give it along with its small black seeds and sometimes along with its skin too. Let your pup enjoy this soft, sweet and sour delicious green & golden fruit.

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  1. So if kiwi has a laxative effect if given to dogs too often, I wonder if I could use it to treat my dog’s constipation! I will have to ask my vet. I am so glad that dogs can eat kiwi fruit, it is one of my favorite fruits.

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