Can dogs eat Molasses?

Blackstrap Molasses for Dogs
Blackstrap Molasses for Dogs

Can dogs eat ginger molasses cookies?

Yes, molasses can be given to your dog but it needs to be the one without any chemicals. Molasses consists of nutrients which are good for the health of the dog. Molasses benefits not only dogs but humans too. Its wide range in nutrients makes it interesting and attracts the attention of dog parents but too much of molasses has its own side effects and can cause sugar, obesity, gut infections etc.

What is Molasses?

Molasses is made by refining of the sugarcane or sugar beets. The leaves of sugarcane are removed and its juice is extracted. After extraction, the juice is boiled to form the sugar and called as the ‘first syrup’. The first syrup contains the highest amount of sugar, and then this syrup is boiled again to make molasses which is a bit, bitter in taste.

Blackstrap molasses is prepared after third boiling. It is bitter in taste as most of the sugar is crystallized and removed; therefore, it has the least amount of sugar in it. Molasses is stronger in flavor than most of the sweating syrups in the market.

What are the nutritional contents in molasses?

Molasses contains Carbohydrates, fats, vitamins such as Vitamin- B3, B5, choline etc. and minerals such as iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, zinc etc. This can be very beneficial for a dog if used with less quantity or as a treat. Being caretaker you should make sure that you don’t feed molasses to your dog on daily basis because it can prove to be harmful for your dog.

What are the benefits of molasses for your dog?

Molasses is rich in calcium and it can prevent osteoporosis in dogs because the calcium content strengthens the bones. Vitamin B3 in molasses can make the hair strong and coat of the dog smooth. It also makes the skin smooth. Molasses also stops too much of shedding lots of dog hairs.

Molasses improves the digestion of fats. While molasses has a number of benefits but it can prove to be harmful for dogs if not given proper attention.

Will molasses hurt a dog?
Will molasses hurt a dog?

How can molasses be harmful for dogs?

Excess of everything is dangerous for animals and humans both. Similarly, heavy dose or regular adding molasses to the diet of your dog can be very harmful as it can lead to diabetes, obesity, gut infections and above all cancer.

Other artificial flavors, preservatives or chemicals used in molasses can be toxic for dogs, therefore, as caretaker should always check the ingredients written on the bottle / jar while buying molasses.

How to pick the right kind of molasses for your dogs?

There are less refined, more refined, treated with preservatives, chemically treated and numerous varieties of molasses available to buy. But the main debate is between light molasses and dark molasses. Well simple answer to this is Dark molasses because most of the sugar is removed in the process and it contains more nutrients. The light molasses contains more amounts of sugar and calories which may affect the health of your dog. Also the light molasses which is available in market consists of sulphur which is bad for dogs.

Many dogs do not like to eat dark molasses as it is bitter in taste, but when added with other food items such as pumpkin, it can give natural sweetening effects.

Therefore, molasses consists of a number of vitamins and minerals which are beneficial for the health the dogs. But as a dog parent you should make sure that molasses is sulfur free and do not contain any kind of added sugar or chemicals as it can be very harmful. Even after having beneficial effects on dog’s health, molasses still contains sugar which is harmful for dogs, so it is advised to be given to dogs occasionally.

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