Can dogs eat popcorn?

Can dogs eat skinny pop popcorn?

No, dogs should not be given Skinny Pop popcorn as it contains sat and oil. Dogs can only eat fully popped plain popcorns which do not contain salt. The kernels of popcorn should not be given to dogs as it may get stuck in the teeth of dogs and may also be a potential choking hazard for dogs.

What is Skinny Pop popcorn?

Skinny Pop is a popcorn based snack brand of a USA headquartered company which was founded by Andy Friedman and Pam Netzky in Illinois. This company makes all kinds of popcorn snacks and sells all over the world. Since most of their products contain salt and oil they are not suitable for the health of your dear furry friend.

Can dogs eat Caramel popcorn?

No, dogs cannot eat caramel popcorn and giving popcorn with any kind of topping is not a great idea to give to your dog. Caramel contains processed sugar which may cause tooth decay, obesity and diabetes in your dog. Any kind of sugar is bad for your pet so even caramel coated popcorn will do more harm than any good for your dear pet.

What will happen if my dog has eaten caramel popcorn by mistake?

If your dog has eaten only a few grams of caramel popcorn then there is no need to worry but if your dog has eaten a small tub full of caramel popcorn then you must watch your dog for any adverse symptoms. If your dog vomits or shows breathlessness then immediately contact your vet.

Can dogs eat cheddar cheese popcorn?

Yes, your dog may eat cheddar cheese popcorn when few of its pieces are dropped here and there but try to avoid the giving cheese popcorn to your dog on regular basis as any kind of topping on the popcorn can prove to do more harm to dogs than any good.

Cheese contains high content of sodium which is not good for the dogs. So cheese in any form in more than a small quantity, even on popcorns should be avoided. If by mistake your dog has eaten a large bucket full of cheddar cheese popcorn you may need an advice of your veterinarian doctor to control any adverse symptoms if they arise.

Can dogs eat buttered popcorn?

Yes, dogs can eat buttered popcorn but it is advised not to give them this treat. Buttered popcorn available in the market contains a high content of salt which can prove to be toxic for the dog. Dogs should only be given plain air popped popcorn which are fully popped with no trace or very less of shell.

Buttered popcorns available in the market are mainly for the human consumption and thus they contain a high content of salt to make it tasty. Many of the kernels of buttered popcorn available in the market, theatres or cinema remain unpopped which your dog may eat and may get tooth problems. Those unpopped kernels should not be eaten by humans as well as dogs it may break the teeth since it is very hard in structure. So the best solution is to avoid giving buttered popcorn to your dog. If you want to give few pieces of this popcorn to your dog, give it only in your presence and don’t leave the whole bucket full of popcorn in front of your dog unattended. Otherwise your dog may either eat the full box of popcorn or may even eat the kernels of popcorns.

What should I do if my dog eats popcorn
What should I do if my dog eats popcorn?

Can dogs eat air popped popcorn?

Yes, dogs can eat air popped popcorn which are fully popped. These are the safest popcorn without any salt and oil. And you need to ensure the dogs don’t eat the kernels or corn which did not pop.

Can dogs eat butter toffee popcorn?

No, dogs cannot eat butter toffee popcorn as it contains sugar syrup, baking soda, vanilla extracts and salted peanuts. Salt and sugar are not good for the health of dogs. Dogs can eat only their natural food without any spices, condiments, flavors or preservatives.

If eaten in large quantity butter toffee popcorn can become toxic for dogs due to its high sugar content. Your dog may show symptoms of bloating, vomiting or breathlessness upon eating this variety of popcorn.

Can dogs eat boiled popcorn?

Yes, dogs can eat boiled popcorn as after boiling all the salt and butter content of popcorn is drained. But your dog may not like boiled popcorn as popcorn are best eaten by dogs when air popped because then they are light, natural and crispy.

Boiled popcorn will be soft and easy to digest. You may give about 10 grams of boiled popcorn to your dog and see if it likes it. If your dog wants more and shows no adverse reaction then you may serve little more to your dear four legged friend.

Can dogs eat cinnamon popcorn?

Yes, dogs can eat cinnamon popcorn in small quantity. Cinnamon is considered to maintain blood sugar level by controlling the absorption of sugar in the blood. So sprinkling some cinnamon in air popped popcorn will add value to the small quantity of popcorn served to your dog.

Cinnamon is an aromatic condiment obtained from bark of tree Cinnamomum. It is generally used to add aroma to tea, cakes and several other dishes. So sprinkling powder of cinnamon on popcorn is not a bad idea if done in moderate quantity, that is, few pinches of cinnamon powder on a bowl of popcorn.

But try to avoid too much cinnamon in the popcorn served to your dog.

Can dogs eat dil pickle popcorn?

No, dogs cannot eat dil pickle popcorn as the dill pickle popcorn contains dill pickle which is made from vinegar and salt contents. Pickles, salt and vinegar etc. are not a healthy diet for dogs. If your dog has eaten dill pickle popcorn by mistake it may vomit or feel nausea and uneasy.

Can dogs eat whole grain popcorn?

Yes, dogs can eat whole grain popcorns. Actually all popcorns are whole grain. More than 51% weight of any product if contains a grain is called a whole grain product. So dogs can eat popcorns which are actually whole grain popcorns as each popcorn is 100% made from a corn if it is air popped without any oil or salt content.

Can dogs eat hulless popcorn?

Yes, dogs can eat hulless popcorn. In fact hulless popcorn are beneficial for dogs as they do not contain the hard hull part of corn which may get stuck in the teeth of dog. Generally there are very less hulless popcorn because a small trace of hull is present in almost every popcorn popped. But if you are able to get hulless popcorn then it is best kind of popcorn to give to your dear pet as a dog parent.

Can dogs eat kettle popcorn?

No, dogs cannot eat kettle popcorn. Kettle popcorn is a salty variety of popcorn which are sometimes sweet also. Since kettle popcorn contains a high content of Sodium and sugar they are unhealthy for dogs. Eating kettle popcorns can make dog sick and they may have symptoms like abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Can dogs eat unpopped popcorn kernels?

No, dogs cannot eat unpopped popcorn kernels and they should not be served this cereal. Unpopped popcorn kernels are very hard to eat and digest and cannot be eaten raw by humans as well as dogs alike. These kernels do not have any taste and if ingested by your dog will definitely create severe abdominal pain. You need to keep unpopped popcorn kernels away from the reach of your dear pet.

Can dogs eat peanut butter popcorn?

Yes, dogs can eat peanut butter popcorn as it is a healthy snack for your dog. You need to ensure that the popcorn is air popped and there is no salt added in it. You may put some peanut butter on top of air popped popcorn and serve to your dog. You need to also check that the peanut butter you are putting on the popcorn does not contain chocolate, as chocolate contains sugar which is harmful for dogs.

Thus, air popped popcorn is a healthy occasional snack for your dear pet. As a dog parent you need to ensure that the popcorn you serve to your dog does not have any traces of salt,oil or sugar. Some kernels of popcorns are always left over unpopped during popping, these should be removed from the bowl of popcorn before serving to humans as well as dogs alike.

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