Can dogs eat tuna sushi?

can dogs eat tuna sushi
can dogs eat tuna sushi

Can dogs have tuna sushi?

The answer is neither a straight Yes, nor No. It all depends upon the dog and the fish which is to be consumed. There is a high possibility that a fish carries some dangerous parasites which can prove to be very harmful to dogs. Therefore, it is always better to serve cooked fish to your dog. Tuna sushi is not toxic to dogs and hence can be served to your dog if it likes to eat tuna sushi only if you take preventive measures.

What is the nutritional content of tuna sushi?

The tuna itself is very nutritious. It contains proteins, omega-3- fatty acids, vitamin A, D, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc. But, raw tuna can be very harmful to your canine friend. Raw tuna contains high levels of mercury and consuming it would result in mercury poisoning. Which later can cause health issues.

What precautions to take while preparing tuna sushi for my dog?

The main ingredient to prepare sushi is rice. You can use both white and brown rice while preparing tuna sushi for your dog. Using raw tuna fish is not bad for dogs but you have to be sure about some parasites, as it can prove to be dangerous for your dog. Commonly known parasites are Opisthorchiidae and anisakadie which are bad for both humans and dogs. Most of the parasites can be easily killed by either freezing or boiling. That way it will become safe for dogs to eat.

Is tuna sushi safe my Golden Retiever dog to eat
Is tuna sushi safe my Golden Retiever dog to eat?

Make sure that you do not use avocados or any other food items which are toxic for dogs. Instead, you can use carrots and cucumbers, also some people use mangoes as an ingredient that is safe for dogs. Some dogs are obese and can not intake much calorie content and hence it will be best if you exclude frying from the process.

What quantity of tuna sushi can be served to my dog?

Well, including raw tuna is a big NO, but if it is properly cooked, you can give 1-2 tuna sushi pieces to your dog. You can also reduce the amount of tuna used to make the sushi and increase the vegetable and boiled rice portion in order to make it more nutritious and healthy for your dog.

What are the symptoms of mercury poisoning after eating tuna sushi?

Some of the common symptoms are hair loss, anxiety, blindness, nervousness, kidney damage, bloody diarrhea, etc. some dogs might lose the sense of their paws.

If you notice any of these symptoms, take it to see a veterinarian immediately as it might prove to be deadly to your dog.

Is it safe to serve tuna sushi to your dog?

If the tuna fish is properly cooked, it will not harm your dog. But, a little amount of raw tuna used in sushi can cause major health issues due to high mercury levels and parasites. There is no good in taking the risk. You can use other fish with low mercury levels to prepare sushi for your dog.

What other fish can be used to prepare healthy sushi for my dog?

If not tuna, you can use fishes like salmon, white fish, and cod. But make sure that they are properly cooked before serving it to your dog.

What to do if my dog accidentally ate tuna sushi?

You should check the ingredients used to prepare the tuna sushi. If it contains any toxic ingredient then you should take it to see a vet immediately. As discussed above, if your dog consumes raw tuna in large amounts, it will cause health issues and will require proper medical help.

Therefore, tuna sushi is safe for dogs to eat only if preventive measures are taken. If your dog is trying it for the first time, make sure that you start with a little amount of tuna sushi and gradually increase its amount once you know that your little pooch likes eating it.

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