Can dogs eat Weet-bix for breakfast?

Is it safe for dogs to eat Weetabix cereals?
Is it safe for dogs to eat Weetabix cereals?

Is Weetabix any good for dogs?

Weet-bix is not toxic because cereals are safe for dogs. So when your dog snatches a biscuit or two then there’s no need to panic. But just because it’s safe doesn’t mean it’s good to include in your dog’s diet. Weet-bix is a processed food that contains high levels of sugar and salt which can result in severe health issues.

What is weet-bix?

Weet-bix was created and manufactured by Sanitarium Health Food Company in the mid-1920s. The developer, Bennison Osborne, decided to make a more palatable product than that of their existing biscuit product (Granose) thus the making of a whole-grain wheat cereal breakfast called Weet-bix. This breakfast cereal, later on, became iconic especially in Australia and New Zealand.

What is weet-bix made of?

Weet-bix is mainly made from wheat but since it is a processed food thus, other ingredients include salt, sugar, barley, and other additives. However, since it has been commercialized globally, the ingredients may differ from which country it has been manufactured.

Is weet-bix healthy for my dog?

Any processed food is not healthy for dogs. These foods mainly include ingredients that can be harmful to canines especially if consumed regularly. Wheat, being the main ingredient of weet-bix, is not toxic in nature. However, there are some dogs who suffer from wheat allergies. It is a common food allergy in dogs that has symptoms like ear inflammation, vomiting, itchy skin, diarrhea, and flatulence. Other than that, weet-bix also contains a high level of gluten from its main ingredients such as wheat, sugar, and barley. Canines are known to be better with protein digestion rather than carbs and starches hence too much gluten may result in gastrointestinal upset.

Can I add milk to weet-bix then feed it to my dogs?

A common misconception is that milk is good for dogs because the truth is, it is not. Some dogs are lactose-intolerant so feeding them with milk doesn’t give them any benefits. But if you would insist on giving your dogs some weet-bix with milk as a treat, it is very likely that they will suffer from an upset stomach, belly pain, diarrhea, flatulence, and bloating.

Why is weet-bix harmful for my dogs?

Weet-bix is not toxic but is harmful if regularly consumed by dogs. Since it is mainly made from wheat and barley, its calorie content is extremely high which may lead to obesity and chronic heart diseases. Dogs are also biologically good at digesting protein since they would need 22-28% of protein in their daily diet but unfortunately, weet-bix is only a good source of carbs and fiber, not protein. Other than that, weet-bix may also cause food allergies because most dogs have wheat allergies. To sum it up, weet-bix consumption doesn’t actually result in fatal effects if and only if not given as a whole serving.

What happens when my dog consumes weet-bix?

If it is just a small amount, then don’t panic. Weet-bix does not contain any toxic ingredients so a little consumption won’t do harm. However, if he/she consumed a much larger quantity, your dog may suffer from different side effects. Since it contains plenty of carbs and fiber, your pooch may gain a bolt of energy. Too much fiber may also result in poor nutrition to canine pups since it binds the minerals together thus making them weaker. If this happens, dogs may lose weight, have a poor coat, and may suffer from diarrhea and flatulence. Aside from that, dogs are not good at digesting carbs as well which can result in an upset stomach and obesity. Therefore, not all foods that are safe to eat are healthy for dogs so it’s better to watch your dog’s diet closely.

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