Can dogs have soy sauce?

Can dogs drink soy

Can dog food have soy sauce?

No, dogs should not have soy sauce. Soy sauce contains a large amount of salt / sodium used in its preparation which is extremely unhealthy and even poisonous for dogs.

Soy sauce was first known to be made around 2000 years ago in China during Han dynasty and is used as a condiment and as a part of cooking to give a pungent taste to dishes.

What is soy sauce? What are its ingredients?

Soy sauce or also called soya sauce is a semi liquid eatable condiment made by fermenting soy and wheat using salt and yeast. It is mainly used to add spicy and salty flavor to Chinese foods and is available in restaurants or prepared at home to add flavor in many dishes. Some types of soy sauce also contain onion and garlic as its ingredients.

Is soy sauce harmful to dogs?

Yes, Soy sauce is harmful for dogs due to its high salt content. Salt in turn is very harmful for dogs due to its high sodium content.

What will happen if my dog has eaten soy sauce?

If your dog has eaten soy sauce it may show adverse symptoms like salt poisoning. Your dog may show symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, frequent urination, seizures and tremors. Immediately rush to your vet if your dog shows any of these symptoms.

can soy sauce kill dogs
Can soy sauce kill dogs?

How do I know if my dog has eaten soy sauce? What are the symptoms when my dog has eaten soy sauce?

If you find a bottle of soy sauce open, some traces of soya sauce spilled on the floor and your dog licking it then you can be sure that your dog has eaten some soya sauce. It may also be showing some symptoms like respiratory distress, lethargy, muscle spasms and / or convulsions. Your dog may also show symptom of being extremely thirsty. So get alert immediately and it is time for you to consult your vet instantly.

How much soy sauce can I give my dog?

No, you must not give even a pinch of soy sauce because if your dog likes the taste it may ask for more. Your dog will fall in extreme trouble and will have severe symptoms of poisoning with high sodium content.

What can I do if my dog has eaten soy sauce by mistake?

If your dog has eaten soy sauce with mistake, give it a lot of water so that the dog can pee a lot. The salt and sodium content found in the soy sauce needs to be washed away from the body of dog. Get a lot of drinkable water immediately from anywhere to give to your dog to drink.

What will happen if the soy sauce eaten by my dog contained onion or garlic as well?

If the type of soy sauce eaten by your dog contained onion or garlic as one of its ingredients then it may fall in more trouble as both onion and garlic are toxic for dogs. In this case some other symptoms like abdominal pain, resistance to exercise and drooling can be shown by your dog. Once you take your dog to a vet, they may give your dog intravenous fluids, medication and keep them in monitoring for few hours before discharge.

Your dog may suffer from salt poisoning, toxicity, kidney failure or even death by having soy sauce therefore you need to be extremely cautious if you have bottles of soy sauce at your home. Soy sauce should be kept away from the reach of your dog in a closed cabinet of your kitchen and taken out and used only when your dog is not nearby.

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