Can I feed my dog cauliflower?

Can dogs eat cauliflower?

Yes, you can give cauliflower to your dog. They can prove to be very healthy, but as a caretaker, one should pay attention towards the quantity of cauliflower your dog is eating because large amount of this vegetable can lead to digestion related issues. Cauliflower is low in calories, therefore, it can be a good snack for your dog but a Cauliflower can never replace the regular food of your dog as it can make him gassy and in some situation it can cause choking hazards.

Dogs are carnivores and therefore, they are not habitual to eat vegetarian food, but some vegetables including cauliflower can be very beneficial. As a dog parent you should make sure that if you want to give cauliflower to your dog, try to gradually introduce this vegetable to your dog because, a large amount can make it’s stomach upset.

What is Cauliflower?

Cauliflower is a vegetable of Brassica oleracea species, this species also include broccoli, burssels sprouts, cabbage, kale and they are collectively known as ‘cole’ crops. Cauliflower contains good amount of calcium and minerals which is beneficial for both dogs and humans. Cauliflower was developed in 16th century, in France and has proven to be healthy and has a less amount of calories than other vegetables of Brassica oleracea species.

What are the nutritional contents in cauliflower? And how is it beneficial for dogs?

Cauliflower has highest amount of isotheocyanates and phytonutrients that can greatly support to stop a number of diseases and some cancerous too.

Cauliflower contains antioxidants that struggle against free radicals in the body of both animals and humans. It can also minimise inflammation, improves immune system and help with arthritis which most of the older dogs suffer from.

It contains vitamin-k, vitamin-c, potassium, calcium and florate which keep a puppy healthy. Cauliflower has low amount of fats, carbohydrates, starch and high in dietary fibre which has numerous health benefits.

How to prepare it before giving it to a dog?

Cauliflower can be eaten raw after properly washing and removing hard stem and leaves, as they can cause indigestion and various issues like nausea, loose stools etc. If you want you can boil cauliflower but keep in mind that boiling and cooking cauliflower can minimise its nutritional content.

What amount of cauliflower should be given to a dog?

A small dog can eat 2-3 tablespoon while a big/grown up dog can have a cup. It depends on how a dog reacts after eating it for the first time.

What precautions should be taken before feeding cauliflower to your dog?

The stem of cauliflower could be hazardous to dogs, therefore should be removed before letting your dog eat cauliflower, also the stems can make your dog choke which can be very dangerous in some situations.

As a dog parent, you should be precisely concerned about the quantity of cauliflower your dog is eating because overfeeding of cauliflower can lead to gastrointestinal problems like, nausea, gas, upset stomach, loose motions, vomiting etc.

If you are cooking cauliflower before feeding it to your dog, make sure that you do not use onion, garlic, salt and pepper in the process of cooking because, these ingredients are poisonous to your dog and can badly effect the health of your dog.

Hence, you can give cauliflower to your dog as it has proven to be healthy, but, you need to take care of the quantity and remove stems and leaves before giving it to your dog. Avoid giving packed / canned / frozen / jarred cauliflower containing food to your dog as it contains sodium, excessive salt, sugar and other flavourings which are not healthy for dog.

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