Can I feed my dog food that has chives?

How toxic are chives to dogs
How toxic are chives to dogs

Can dogs eat chives?

No, you cannot feed chives to your dog. Chives belong to the allium family, similar to onion and garlic, any vegetable of this family is toxic to dogs. Serving it to your dog would be a big mistake.

The most toxic vegetable from this family is allium sativum i.e., garlic but all types are extremely dangerous for dogs and cats. Consuming chives will lead to damage of red blood cells and can cause various permanent health issues. If it is consumed in a large quantity then it can prove to be deadly.

How many chives can kill my dog?

A very little or negligible amount of chives will do no harm to your dog but if your dog consumed more than a single serving of it, it can lead to serious health issues which can be hard to cure. Serving one or two chives to your dog will lead to death. It is very important that you keep chives away from your dog’s reach.

Chives in any form are dangerous i.e., in cooked, dried, powder, or raw form.

What symptoms will my dog show if it ate chives by accident?

Your dog will suffer from gastrointestinal issues. In addition, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, weakness, increased respiratory rate, pale gums, lethargy, anemia, and exercise intolerance. It affects the red blood cells therefore can cause circulatory issues and low BP.

If your dog is showing any of these symptoms then you should consult its veterinarian immediately.

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