Can I Give My Dog Broccoli

can dogs eat broccoli raw

Can Dogs Eat Broccoli?

Does your dog always look up at you with those melting eyes every time there is broccoli at the dinner table? While we may never have the answers to why dogs really love to eat the things they do, vegetables and fruits are generally considered to be good snack options for dogs but not all of them are safe.

So if you are wondering if it’s okay to feed broccoli to your dog and whether it offers the same health benefits as they do to humans this article is for you!

Yes Dogs Can Dogs Eat Broccoli, But Stick to Broccoli Heads!

can dogs eat broccoli raw

The short answer to whether you can give your dog broccoli is yes you can. But in very little portions otherwise it can cause an upset stomach to your beloved pooch. Broccoli is a super food and full of nutrients but dogs are unable to digest this vegetable as well as humans do. This is why only very small amounts should be fed to them otherwise they pose a health risk.

Broccoli contains a compound known as isothiocyanate which creates a toxic effect in dogs when consumed in large amounts. Isothiocyanate is also known to be a gastric irritant which can cause gas, bloating and an upset tummy if your dog eats too much broccoli.

What to Feed and How Much?

Yes you can go ahead and offer broccoli as a green veggie snack to your doggie once in a while as its actually healthy for them. That said it’s very important that you know what parts of the broccoli are beneficial for their consumption and how much is a safe amount.

Firstly it’s very important to remember to give only the head and avoid the stalks or any other parts completely. Also give your dog small pieces of the broccoli head by cutting it up into bite sizes and avoid big chunks. And if your pet is new to this vegetable start with just a piece or two and ensure that they exhibit no alarming signs like gas, vomiting or diarrhea.

The amount of broccoli which would be safe and beneficial to your dog mainly depends on its size. There is a general agreement amongst vets that as long as the vegetable makes up less than 10% of your dogs entire diet you are good to go!

Benefits of Treating Your Dog with Broccoli

Who said you have to go broke over buying treats for your beloved pet. Most dogs love to eat fruits and vegetables which make for very nutritious snacks in small amounts. This makes broccoli a tasty and inexpensive treat!

Broccoli is loaded with phytonutrients and a great source of vitamins C, A and K. They are also rich in iron, manganese as well as an excellent source of dietary fiber. Broccoli therefore helps in fighting cancer, inflammations and allergies for your pooch while providing vital nutrients.

In Conclusion

Dogs can eat broccoli provided you give them reasonable amounts and feed them only the broccoli heads. As most dogs like the taste of broccoli make sure that they don’t overfeed as it can cause an upset stomach as well as serious toxicity if ingested in large amounts. On the other hand this veggie makes for a great snack option for dogs as it has loads of benefits when given in small portions.

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